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Longer lifetime, smooth and quiet shifting. cuts off/reduces the motor torque during shifting. LEV Components Special Exhibition member Radim Mráz (Head of Sales, Co-owner told us more.

This interview was conducted by Carolin Springer (Project Coordinator LEV Components Special Exhibition).

Carolin: What components do you offer?

Radim: At this moment we do have our product in mass production. But our company is currently developing other e-bike components such as GSGI ( with additional gear indication function). This is currently at prototype testing phase. Other developments are GSWL (wireless and controller development. 

Carolin: What makes your product special?

Radim: Our product is special, becauce it is a must have for e-bikes with mid-drive. The mid-drive e-bikes are usually having troubles with shifting the gears when the motor provides torque. This is caused by tension on the chain. Our sensor is the solution to this, as it provides the signal about shifting activity to mid-drive systems. It means that the mid-motor knows when the rider is shifting and can use this information to cut off/reduce the motor torque during shifting.

Our sensor is also completely produced in Czech Republic.

Carolin: Could you please tell us which customers are using your sensor?

Radim: During the last season (MY2016) our sensor was used by many different e-bike brands around the world. For example in the Netherlands our sensor is used by Multicycle, QWIC, Puch (part of Cycle Europe group) and some other brands as well. In Germany our sensor is used for example by M1 Sporttechnik. Also some other brands from Cycle Europe do use our sensor, for example Kildemoes in Denmark. In France our sensor is used by O2feel for example and in Norway our sensor is used by Diavelo. Also we have customers in Australia, Canada, USA and many other European countries as well. The complete list is mentioned on our website.

Many more brands and OEMs are going to use our sensor for the upcoming season (MY2017), but this is not possible to mention now because of signed NDAs.

Carolin: What is the advantage of using on mid-drive e-bikes?

Radim: This market-proven device allows smooth and quiet shifting for both derailleurs and internal gear hubs. It also provides longer lifetime to whole shifting systems. Our sensor is a must have for mid-drive e-bikes, especially for bikes with internal gear hubs as the internal gear hubs are not able to change the gear when there is significant torque from the mid-motor (tension on the chain or belt). But this is not an issue of internal gear hubs only, the derailleurs do have the same problems with shifting when the motor torque is active.

Carolin: Can you tell us, which mid-motors are compatible with

Radim: At this moment many mid-motors are fully compatible with our sensor, for example: Bafang MAX Drive and Bafang BBS motors, Ananda mid-motor, DAPU mid-motor, Shengyi mid-motor, MPF mid-motor and Bofeili mid-motor. Also some European mid-motors are compatible with our sensor, such as: Binova, cleanmobile and Multicycle M-drive. At this moment we are preparing compatibility with another Asian, European and US manufactured mid-motors as well. News about compatible drive units will be mentioned on our website gradually.

Carolin: Why is presenting its component at the LEV Components Special Exhibition?

Radim: It is a great opportunity to show our product to companies who are working in the e-bike industry. We do appreciate this product from ExtraEnergy.

Radim Mráz (Head of Sales, Co-owner

Tel. +420 736244467



About the LEV Components Special Exhibition
The LEV Components Special Exhibition is an easy way to get a quick overview on LEV components offered by suppliers from all over the world.

Simply the best place to meet the product managers and CEOs of all major bicycle manufacturers, as well as globally relevant bicycle dealers and importers. In addition to the LEV Components Special Exhibition, ExtraEnergy organizes its Test IT Track.

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Contact: Ms. Carolin Springer 


Text: Carolin Springer 


13 May 2016



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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