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With its MAX Drive mid motor BAFANG, the market leader in the European electric bike motor market, has set a new benchmark. Test ride MAX Drive at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Tracks.

BAFANG sold 830,000 motors for electric two-wheelers worldwide in 2014, and 260,000 of these motors were sold as complete drive systems. While BAFANG operates worldwide, its strongest market in terms of turnover is Europe. BAFANG´s main business line is customer-specific hub motors.

Now, with the BAFANG MAX mid motor system, BAFANG have managed to create a very powerful and nonetheless compact and visually unobtrusive mid motor.

ExtraEnergy was able to test the latest pre-production version in Spring 2015. The mid motor was described by test riders as very pleasant to ride, and with good responsiveness. For a pre-production model it was already very quiet, and it is our experience that the sound levels generated can often change considerably between pre-production versions and final production models. On hills, it pulls quickly, and on the Tour test section it provided a remarkable power assist factor of 1.86, yet still with a respectable range of 58.5 km, significantly higher figures than its competitors. On the Hills and City sections, the motor system was not quite so strong, with a Hills power assist factor of 1.03 (range 25.1 km) and City 1.15 (range 30.6 km), but these are still in the same ballpark as the strongest drive systems on the market.

BAFANG sees this motor as a direct competitor to the current established mid motor suppliers such as Bosch and Shimano, who sell only complete systems, and to companies such as Brose who also offer their mid motors separately, without the rest of the associated system. The BAFANG test bike was fitted with a BMZ frame mounted battery, a BAFANG display and a control button unit within reach of your left thumb.

BAFANG has been represented in Europe since 2012 with a sales office in the Netherlands. Read the article in German language here:

>> BAFANG Service in den Niederlanden

Test IT Show partner
BAFANG is partner of the ExtraEnergy Test IT Shows. Anyone is welcome to test ride the MAX Drive at the Test IT Show events.

Watch impressions:

>> photo gallery (flickr)

For further information, please visit:


Text: Hannes Neupert

Online Publication and picture: Angela Budde

10 March 2016

Last update: 19 March 2016



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