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Energy to go

A pilot scheme in Kenya indicates how force of habit can facilitate exit from nuclear and fossil-fuel energy. EnergyTubes go one step further.

If old habits are used, the energy revolution is easy to implement.

A project for producing light away from a permanent power supply showcases how force of habit can be used for CO2 reduction.

The samll town Mbita on the banks of Lake Victoria does not have a permanent power supply, but does have a thriving economy based on fishing. Around 175,000 fishermen use kerosene lamps every night to entice the fish. The fishermen are used to shop the keresene. Instead of shopping keresene, they just switched over to shop external battery boxes which can be taken back to the nearest Energy Hub and exchanged for a fully charged battery. Users pay a deposit for the box. The external battery boxes can be connected to lamps and other low-power devices such as radios and mobile phones.


EnergyTube - Modular Multi-Use Battery System
From small tubes, each with a non-hazardous capacity of 100 Wh, arbitrarily large battery systems can be assembled from EnergyTubes via simple Plug & Play.

EnergyTubes of ropa engineering GmbH can be exchanged as easy as it is. Simply like exchanging empty cases of bottled water in the supermarket.

For further information, please read the following article:
>> EnergyTube - Intelligent Energy Storage

The next steps necessary to move to mass production will follow within the next three years. Investors have the opportunity to enter into this storage technology of the near future.

ropa engineering GmbH

Tel. +49.7171.10416.0

Fax +49.7171.10416.222


About ropa engineering GmbH
ropa engineering GmbH is part of the ROPA holding company and is engaged in the development of batteries and battery-drive systems. The managing director Johannes Dörndorfer is also head of development. Since 1992 he is into electrical mobility. As co-founder of ExtraEnergy e.V. and EnergyBus e.V. he promotes the topic of electric mobility and has designed necessary standards. Since 2002, Johannes Dörndorfer is busy with large lithium batteries and has co-developed EnergyBus necessary standards ahead for communication and energy-management of networked battery systems. He also had the basic ideas for the international security standard, BATSO, in terms of battery safety and later important rules for the future and further development of the market arosed.


Copy and translation: Angela Budde
Picture: ropa engineering GmbH

23 May 2014



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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