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Ananda Drive Techniques upgrades electric bike drive systems

Ananda demonstrates upgraded systems including front drive, rear drive and center drive in Taipei Cycle Show 2014.

All the major types of drive systems are included in Ananda’s demo stand. The OLED console which was first-launched by Ananda in the industry is equipped within these all systems, giving flexible layout and various display information. Now ready for test ride!

From 5 to 8 March 2014, the extensive ExtraEnergy Test IT Track at Taipei Cycle Show will offer test ride pleasure with Ananda´s upgraded electric bike drive systems. Test ride the upgraded rear-, center- and front drive systems in Nangang Exhibition Hall at Cargo Ramp, 4F.

Center Drive System EBS C125-BBRT
The developing of Ananda’s center drive system dated from 2010. After long time developing and test it was launched in 2012 Eurobike. With continuous optimization the system has been powerful, smooth and quiet. Now Ananda upgrades it to 450W for Speed Pedelec utilities. Availability varying from single to triple speeds chain wheel combined with rear freewheel greatly makes riding joyful. It boosts like a bull with up to 100 Nm, consuming as much as normal  electric bike that keeps the mileage as long as can be. A 48V/9Ah battery system is equipped and a double-sided BB torque sensor has been integrated in the motor.

>> product photo

Rear Drive System EBS R180
The rear drive system now has been upgraded with cassette freewheel compatibility up to 11 speeds and disk brake. A double-sided BB torque sensor is equipped in the bottom bracket of Ananda’s demo bike. Based on the standard power kits what was launched in 2013 China Cycle Show, Ananda raises the power and speed for Speed Pedelec. The first 3 modes are settled to max. 25km/h, while the 4th to 35km/h and 5th 45km/h. With a 48V/9Ah battery system and a direct drive motor, this demo bike spurts exciting power but quietly at even steep slope that makes your mountain riding joyful. The standard 250W drive system will be a parallel configuration.

>> product photo

Front drive system EBS F108
This item was launched in 2013 China Cycle Show, Shanghai, developed for urban  electric bikes utility. Now instead of the original rotation sensor, it’s upgraded with a torque sensor in the bottom bracket, which accomplishes the electric response to the pedaling force. As before, a light geared motor that weighs in 2 kg and sizes in Φ110 mm performances super quietly due to the special design and precise control. The OLED console is kept, displaying additional information including pedaling force and frequency. With way optimized riding performance, it perfectly satisfies the high end consumers who are quite harsh and sensitive with the feeling.
The original rotation sensor solution will still be a standard option, but utilizing a new-developed magnet-ring rotation sensor as sensitive as 48 signals per cycle, which perfectly suits to the front drive urban bike solution.

>> product photo

>> product catalogue

For further information, please contact Mr. Alex Liu, e-mail:

About the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track
The extensive Test IT Track which ExtraEnergy is organizing at Tapei International Cycle Show starts in the main hall of Nangang Exhibition center and features a 100 m slope. Enjoy electric bike test ride pleasure at Taipei Cycle Show from 5 to 8 March 2014, in Nangang Exhibition Hall at Cargo Ramp, 4F.

>> Test IT Track at Taipei Cycle Show 2014

Text: ExtraEnergy e. V., Ananda Drive Techniques. The product information is the respective company´s own and does not necessarily represent ExtraEnergy´s editorial policy.

Photos: Ananda Drive Techniques

26 February 2014



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