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New Generation of Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor

The new generation of the Sempu Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor makes riding more comfortable and safe. Test ride it at Taipei Cycle Show from 5 to 8 March 2014.

From 5 to 8 March 2014, the extensive ExtraEnergy Test IT Track at Taipei Cycle Show will offer test ride pleasure with the new generation of the SEMPU bottom bracket torque sensor.
The Test IT Track starts in the main hall of Nangang Exhibition center at Cargo Ramp, 4F.

SEMPU new generation of Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor
Sempu is a high-tech enterprise committed to providing intelligent drive system solutions and key componens for electric bikes.
The company was founded in 2011 by a group of industry with more than 15 years experience in developing and manufacturing electric bike drive systems.

The range of products includes double-sided torque sensors and controller integrated motors. With torque sensor as the core technology, the company will be adding new components to the future product roadmap.

Sensor signal
The Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor outputs a voltage signal. The signal and the pedal force is linear proportional. Pedal force increases every 10kg, 0.15V voltage changed. The detectable maximum pedal force is 80kg. The input signals into sine wave with the crank angle. The outputs in 0° and 180° are zero. Maximum output is in 90° and 270°.

Each rotation of 12°, the Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor outputs a speed signal. The shaft rotates a circle with 32 speed signal output.

Product advantages
The advantages include faster start and quicker response. No more temperature drift issue with high reliability in low temperature. Compatibility with standard bottom brackets, more easy to install and flexible lenth options, custom dimension and compatible with mid-drive motor.

Test ride the Sempu Bottom Bracket Torque Sensor at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track at Taipei International Cycle Show 2014 in Nangang Exhibition Hall, Cargo Ramp, 4F.

>> sempumotor.en.alibaba.com

>> read the press release

Text: ExtraEnergy e. V., Shenzhen Sempu Motor Co., Ltd. The product information is the respective company´s own and does not necessarily represent ExtraEnergy´s editorial policy.

Picture: Joy Industrial Co. LTD.

25 February 2014



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