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Test ride invisibly powered pedelecs

The new TranzX M25 motor family introduces a new era of invisibly powered and high performance pedelecs. Test ride it at Taipei Cycle Show from 5 to 8 March 2014.

From 5 to 8 March 2014, the extensive ExtraEnergy Test IT Track at Taipei Cycle Show will offer test ride pleasure with the new TranzX M25 motor family.
The Test IT Track starts in the main hall of Nangang Exhibition center and features a 100 m slope. Vehicles will be tested by hundreds of visitors.

TranzX M25 – New Era of Invisibility
The new TranzX M25 motor family introduces a new era of invisibly powered and high performance pedelecs. It is smaller than a chain ring and perfectly visually integrated into the frame making. It is nearly invisible.
The TranzX M25 motor with 50Nm torque and exceptionally low noise and vibration levels sports precision 2nd generation AGT automatic shifting technology and coaster brake convenience.
The M25 drive system is the first to offer state-of-the-art LogiX online diagnostics – based on CANbus technology – providing manufacturers, cyclists and dealers perfect symbiosis in performance, style and after-sales service.

LogiX: CAN Bus Communication
Simplifying service
Robust data communication
All-in-one tool
Digital protocol for appcessories

M25 - Technical Data
Weight: 3,99 kg (M25T), 3,95 kg (M25TC)
Nominal Torque: 22N2m2Nm
Max. Torque: 50Nm
Nominal Output: 250W
Maximal Output: 350W
Efficiency: 75%
Noise Level: < 65dB
Coaster Brake: Yes
AGT: Option

M25 + AGT
Compatible with Nexus 3/7/8
Small size
Easy assembly (by 3 screws)
Compatible with current AGT shifter

>> photo gallery

Please find further information at:

>> www.tranzxpst.com

Test IT Track - How to Register your Vehicles
Pedelec manufacturers can register their vehicles until 1 February 2014.

Contact: Ms. Angela Budde
E-mail: angela.budde@extraenergy.org

Please find the registration form at:

>> Test IT Track at Taipei Cycle Show 2014

At a single glance
Date: 5 - 8 March 2014
Registration deadline: 1 February 2014
Test IT Track: Nangang Exhibition Hall, Cargo Ramp, 4F, Taipei, Taiwan

>> press release: Test ride invisibly powered pedelecs

Text: JD Components Co. Ltd. , ExtraEnergy e. V.. The product information is the respective company´s own and does not necessarily represent ExtraEnergy´s editorial policy.

Pictures: JD Components Co. Ltd.

21 January 2014

Last update: 31 January 2014



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