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A2B at ISPO BIKE 2013

From 25 to 28 July 2013 test riding pedelecs and e-bikes is at the center of attention at ISPO BIKE in Munich. Test ride A2B pedelecs. The perfect marriage of design and performance.

From 25 to 28 July 2013, test riding pedelecs and e-bikes is at the center of attention at ISPO BIKE in Munich.

Easy Testing
Pedelecs and e-bikes beg to be ridden. Therefore the heart of the ISPO BIKE E-Mobility hall features a huge  indoor test track, mega-ramp included. Check-in booths along the track allow quick access to test electric bikes. Get on a pedelec and ride is the motto. Take advantage of on-site, hands-on test opportunities, beneath A2B of Hero Eco Ltd.

"A2B has been researching and designing e-bikes since 2003. Since 2012 A2B ist part of he HERO Eco Group. A2B is headquartered in London and has subsidiaries in the USA and Germany and is present in more than 30 countries through its network of distributors in Europe, Asia, America and Africa."

A2B – A journey redefined
"From the very start at A2B we have followed our passion for redefining the journey. In 2008, we revolutionised the electric bike market with the development of the world’s first premium, true ebike. With its own bespoke internal motor system, the Octave altered the landscape of the ebike industry forever.

Our dedicated German design and engineering team lovingly developed a unique design language for it. We didn’t want our machines to simply look like a bicycle with a battery added; they needed their own, distinct identity. So we created an entire range of ebikes that ride as beautifully as they look. The perfect marriage of design and performance. The result is sturdy, unisex frames that are built for comfort, as well as speed. Our ebikes’ deliberately restrained, elegant designs disguise impressively fast performances. And our clever engineering ensures that our models offer an enviable range for a wide choice of rides."

"The Hybrid/24 is equipped with a wireless security key, a magnetic plug battery and next-generation motor controller. Seamlessly integrating your pedal power with the output of the motor for a smoother ride, the Hybrid/24 offers a range of up to 70 km with a top speed of 25 km/h."

>> photo Hybrid/24

"Designed for speed, the Shima offers all the benefits of pedal assist, teamed with superior components with a faster top speed of 45 km/h. The model’s 500w propulsion system delivers a range of up to 60 km."

>> photo Shima

"Tailored to deliver pedal assist, the design of the Ørsted deliberately has a more ‘bike’ feel. The model’s state-of-the-art technology offers an impressive 80 km range, with a top speed of 25 km/h, extending the possibilities of its rides."

>> photo Ørsted

Visit A2B in the E-Mobility hall B6 at booth no. 414A and for test rides at the CHECK IN booth no. CI.24.


Please note: The presented company has supplied the content itself, and is responsible for the information.

At a single Glance
25 - 26 July 2013 (only trade visitors)
27 - 28 July 2013 (public days)
Time: 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

>> Online-Ticket (save up to 30 %)

>> Arrival


>> ISPO BIKE 2013 - Pedelec Experience XXL

Copy and translation: Angela Budde, Hero Eco Ltd.
Picture: Hero Eco Ltd.

2 July 2013



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