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German TV MDR tests self-charging folding pedelec at ExtraEnergy

The VELLO Folding Pedelec, which is equipped with the 3kg lightweight ZEHUS drive system, weighs only 13.9kg.

With the VELLO Bike + disguised as a piece of luggage, the MDR presenters Henriette Fee Grützner and her team visited the ExtraEnergy headquarters in Tanna at the end of April 2020.

Watch the video clip at ExtraEnergy in Tanna (available in German language only):

>> Henriette testet das selbstaufladende Teilzeit-E-Bike

Watch the complete clip:

>> Einfach genial - komplette Sendung

Drive system tested 6 years ago
"Nice ride in the sunshine", said Hannes Neupert, President ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director EnergyBus e.V., after a test ride with the VELLO Bike+. 

"Actually interesting - at ExtraEnergy we did test this "new and innovative" drive system already 6 years ago..."

Read more about the Klaxon Pedelec with ZEHUS drive system in the test here:

>> Irresistabel retro high tech from Italy (issuu)

Prof. Sergio Matteo Savaresi, Professor in Automatic Control at Politecnico di Milano, about ZEHUS at Eurobike 2014:

>> Digital Drive Systems

Hard to understand
"Like the ExtraEnergy team many years ago, it was not immediately accessible to the MDR team how the Zehus drive system works. 

The drive system has a large number of variables. 

In order to respond to the wishes of the rider, it is not as self-explanatory as most other electric bicycle drive systems. 

ExtraEnergy was very pleased that the MDR television team took another day of shooting with a great deal of ambition to present the range of functions as correctly as possible in order to be able to present this. 

On the first day, the shooting continued until after sunset.

Another day of shooting has been scheduled to optimally display the system. 

The result has been very nice - ExtraEnergy is pleased about the good and longstanding cooperation with the MDR."

I want to have that
"How do you like the bike," asked Henriette Fee Grützner after the test ride.

Hannes Neupert is convinced: "Well, I would like to keep it. 

"It's very "biky" and it's very compact and very simple. I like that."



Copy and translation: Angela Budde 

Picture: Screenshot video clip

8th May 2020    

Last update: 26th May 2020






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