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Spring 2010 Test: First Impressions

With the first two phases of the Spring 2010 Test (ergonomic test in Dresden and measured rides in Tanna) successfully completed and over 3,000 test kilometers cycled, the test team let a few "first impressions" out of the bag.

In Dresden the vehicles were tested for their everyday usability - and the test riders for their resistance to freezing temperatures!

The Spring 2010 Test kicked off with the ergonomic test in Dresden. As in the previous test, cold weather with some snow accompanied the test riders on their rounds. Despite the weather, many volunteers (mostly young people) pitched up to take the test vehicles through their paces at the pre-prepared test stations. Even the mayor of Dresden cycled a test round, before handing over the ExtraEnergy trophies to the winners of the Autumn 2009 Test. (In March the trophies were handed over on an international stage, namely the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan.)

• More about ergonomic test in Dresden
• Photos of ergonomic test in Dresden
• Photos of Award Ceremony in Dresden
• More about product categories

Problem-free riding in sunny Tanna
In April the measured test rides were completed in Tanna, with state-of-the-art technology fitted to the 28 vehicles. The test could not have run smoother! No technical breakdowns worth reporting, no dramatic crashes - even no snow this time around! Instead, the motivated and well-prepared riders enjoyed mostly sunny weather.

Under the circumstances, test head Andreas Törpsch, had no difficulty completing all test rides in the scheduled 2-week period. The measuring technology, perfected over the past year, collected and stored the ride data reliably. Altogether data with a volume of 3 Giga-bite were collected for evaluation according to the Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method. This method had proven itself in the Autumn 2009 Test and enables the classification of the vehicles in eleven different product categories in line with client preferences.

Thanks to more reliable motors, insusceptible measuring equipment and 21 signposts on the two test tracks measuring 15.8 kilometer each, only few test rides had to be repeated. Over the course of the 10 riding days, five flat tires had to be patched and three minor breakdowns repaired.

• Photo series: impressions of the test
• Photos of measuring equipment
• More about the product categories

The test fleet
The test riders set about the task ahead of them with determined faces: many cool vehicles, several with interesting new features, seven fast pedelecs and zippy off-road monsters promised lots of fun at high speed.

First impressions
A fast, pre-production model Diamant proved especially popular among the two female and five male riders, ranging between 47 and 66 years of age. Other favorites turned out to be the sporty Espire of 3-Element, the e-race Mountainbike of KTM and the first ever Flyer (X Series) with full suspension. (Of the 28 test vehicles, two were e-bikes.)

Publication of test results
The reader may look forward to the test results of many very interesting vehicles in the second issue of the new ExtraEnergy Magazine, scheduled for publication on 22 July 2010 at the fair BIKE EXPO. In the second year of its existence, the BIKE EXPO this year runs from 22 to 25 July in Munich. The event will this year focus quite clearly on e-mobility.

ExtraEnergy will, naturally, also publish the results of the Spring 2010 Test on this portal at the same time.

Take a look at the first issue of the magazine (in German only - English to follow in June), with the results of the Autumn 2009 Test. 

Copy and photos: Susanne Brüsch
Photo series: Susanne Brüsch and Nora Manthey
Translation: Christoffel Volschenk

26 May 2010



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