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Get All 2009 Test Reports at Special Price

The results of all pedelecs & e-bikes tested in 2009 are now available in a printed format at a very special price. Two magazines (2009 test results and E-mobility 2008) can now be ordered for only 8 EUR, instead of the regular price of 11 EUR.  more...


Spring 2009 Test: 21 Pedelecs rated “Very Good”

Almost 13,000 kilometers in two weeks! And all 28 pedelec models from 22 manufacturers survived the strenuous 3-step test: ergonomics test, test rides by the masses and 10-day test rides with measuring equipment. With 21 bikes rated “Very good”, and 2 bikes rated “Good” the Test is mainly representative for the upper segment of the European electric bike market. more...


Bikes in the Spring 2009 Test

ExtraEnergy tested 28 pedelec models of manufacturers based all over the world. From Biketec to Sparta, the test fleet was representative of the upper market segment, with a few bikes of lower quality. All in all, the test riders put 56 bikes through their paces on the test track, since every model was submitted in duplicate and some in different frame versions. more...


Test Seal: Quality makes itself Known

Good test results are rewarded! Since the 2002 Test, ExtraEnergy has been rewarding all successfully tested products with Test Seals - either "Very Good", or "Good". more...


Testing Method

With a new testing method, ExtraEnergy pulls the LEV manufacturers into the testing process and publishes the technical results immediately after completion of the test rides. Even visitors to public test riding events help with the testing. For the first time, tests are also conducted in the laboratory.  more...


Test Team

Twenty-eight team members worked hard at the biggest ExtraEnergy Test ever. Eleven test riders (ages 29 to 75), participated for a variety of reasons. Together, they rode almost 7,000 kilometers - for no monetary remuneration. But, they gained valuable knowledge about the electric bike market. more...


Spring 2009 Test: Diary

ExtraEnergy's big electric bike test kicked off in Lorsch on 24 April with enthusiastic test riders. It continued in Tanna on 28 April, where test riding with measuring instruments on board finally stopped on 7 May. The editorial team of ExtraEnergy reported progress and interesting developments from Tanna every day. View photos here! more...


Spring 2009 Test: Supporting Program

ExtraEnergy arranged a varied supporting program for manufacturers in Tanna with bikes in the test. From 28 April to 3 May 2009 they will be taken on pedelec tours and visit tourist attractions in the area, while testing continues in Tanna. more...


Statement on misleading test reports in “aktiv Radfahren”

The July/August issue of the German bicycle magazine aktiv Radfahren, with the ExtraEnergy Spring 2009 Test results, has been on newsstand shelves in Germany since 26 June. Different interests of the erstwhile partners ExtraEnergy and aktiv Radfahren caused misleading information in this issue and readers as well as industry players are confused. ExtraEnergy states its position and announces steps to prevent the problem from re-occurring. more...


Mistakes in latest aktiv Radfahren

Unfortunately, a few mistakes slipped into the ExtraEnergy test reports published in the latest issue of the magazine aktiv Radfahren. Here are the corrections. more...


Statement Part 2

ExtraEnergy wants to thank readers for their overwhelming and quick response to the statement regarding test reports in the latest issue of “aktiv Radfahren” magazine. Since the statement appeared on ExtraEnergy.org on 3 July 2009, it has been making waves among consumers and in the industry. ExtraEnergy would like to take this opportunity to add to the original statement. more...


BVA goes to court

The latest issue of the magazine "aktiv Radfahren" confused readers and manufacturers, which had participated in the ExtraEnergy 2009 Test. ExtraEnergy president Hannes Neupert clarified his position on the site, but the issue took an unexpected turn and ExtraEnergy landed in court. After the court case, Hannes Neupert clarifies one more time.  more...


All about the Spring 2009 Test

The big ExtraEnergy Spring 2009 Test, with new technology and a new testing method, was conducted in Tanna from the end of April to 7 May. At the same time, visitors were offered a supporting program with a variety of events. The final test results are currently being translated into English. The test bikes will be presented at Eurobike in September. more...


Test schedule: January - September 2009

The testing procedure with dates and highlights in overview. more...



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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