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Biketec: Flyer T8 Premium

With Flyer T8 Biketec has set boundaries for today's technology
Rating 2007: Very good
Price: 2,790 Euros


BionX: Kit PL250HL

This ad-on package combines high power with low weight, and good distance with riding fun!
Rating 2007: Very good
Price (Kit): 1,500 Euro


eGo Vehicles: Helio

A great concept: part bike, part scooter. Good engineering for a good price.
Rating 2007: Good
Price: 1,990 Euros


Euromoto: BinBike

Ideal for expanded bike tours with good assistance
Rating 2007: Recommended for long range and a powerful motor
Price: 1,850 Euros


Gazelle: Easy Glider

All of the fantastic details fit together into one hamonious whole
Rating 2007: Very good
Price: 2,099 Euros


Giant: Twist Comfort

City and touring bike that transformed the topic of distance
Rating 2007: Very good
Price: 1,799 Euros


Heinzmann: estelle Elegance

Outstanding with high-quality and long-lasting components and a solid frame with full-suspension
Rating 2007: Very good
Price: 2,649 Euros


Helkama: Jubilee

With pleasant simplicity Jubilee provides an easy and relaxing ride
Rating 2007: Good
Price: 1,790 Euros


Hercules: Emove Tourer

In detail a convincing pedelec, that perfectly disguises its intrinsic values as a bike.
Rating 2007: Good
Price: 1,899 Euros


Lohmeyer-Leichtfahrzeuge: Mistral-E

Perfect for individualists covering long distance on a daily basis and not afraid of engineering
Rating 2007: Recommended for being the fastest and strongest pedelec
Price: 4,495 Euros


Matra: i.step runner

Well done product, good price/value content, and it weighs in below average
Rating 2007: Very good
Price: 1,750 Euro


Sachs: ALU-Touring

Ideal for low impact long bike tours
Rating 2007: Recommended for high range and good price-performance ratio
Not in production any more


Shanghai eZee Kinetic: eZee Sprint

Powerfull motor and high assistance factor
Rating 2007: Recommended for being by far the strongest pedelec within this price category
Price: 1,400 Euros


Shoprider: Sunrunner

Light and robust pedelec with innovative lithium iron-phosphate battery
Rating 2007: Good
Price: 1,200 Euros


Smike: Turbo

Bring along a second person or heavy luggage? No problem with Smike. Simply mount a side wagon onto the tour bike!
Rating 2007: Very good
Price: 3,249 Euros


Sparta: ION m-gear

A high-quality equipped pedelec, flawlessly hiding the modern electronics.
Rating 2007: Good
Price: 1,999 Euros


Sunstar: intelligent bike Nachrüstsatz

Light weight compact drive kit that inconspicuously fits on almost every bike
Rating 2007: Good
Price: 899 Euros


Used: Scooterbike Hybrid 2.0

A dream ride for sale
Rating 2007: Very good
Price: 3,740 Euro



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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