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Pedelecs: health enhancing

10 reasons why the pedelec will catch on as a form of transport.

7. Health enhancing

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 30 minutes of cycling every day can extend life by 8 healthy years. (7) This applies equally and more for pedelecs, because they can easily and beneficially be used by unfit people or people with health problems to get back into cycling. Furthermore, with suitable pedelecs you can find even more opportunities with which to combine exercise where previously a car was needed, for example transporting cargo or children.

(7) WHO presentation: Prof. Dr. Günter Klein, WHO – ECEH Bonn, at the conference Wirtschaft in Bewegung 18th April 2005, Bonn.

1. Space-efficient to park

2. More mobility in less space

3. Comfortable, cheap and faster

4. Emissions saving

5. Safe

6. Mobility enhancing

8. Energy efficient

9. Sustainable

10. Climate targets

These reasons have been compiled together among the Go Pedelec consortium and are listed in order of importance from a municipal point of view. Within the Go Pedelec! consortium the municipalities or organizations of the following cities are represented: Naples (IT), Graz (AT), Miskolc (HU), Stuttgart (de) and Utrecht (NL).

Copy: Hannes Neupert, Antje Hopf, prepared within the EU GoPedelec! project: GoPedelec! Handbook (German version)

>> Go Pedelec! Handbook in Czech, Dutch, English, Hungarian, and Italian

Translation: Peter Eland (

Picture: Urban Arrow

Online release: Angela Budde

6 December 2012



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Velo Berlin

May to September 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
Probierstation, St Maria

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Shanghai Cycle Show

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