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Lin, Bing-Min

EV Battery Project Manager at MRL of ITRITaiwan

Born in 1955 in Taichung City, Taiwan

Staff Editor: Please tell us something about your career and when and where you got involved with LEVs.
BML: Graduated from Chung Yuan University, majored in mechanical engineering
- Joined MIRL of ITRI in 1982 as a mechanical engineer   worked on two-stroke engine test and development
- Developed the first fuel injection two-stroke engine
  and scooter in 1988 which was ended up because   exhaust catalyst proved to be cheaper and more   reliable in reducing exhaust emission
- Started up Taiwan Common Engine Project as a   project manager in 1990 and then promoted to be   manager of Motorcycle Technology Department and   began the career in electric scooter
- Developed electric scooter from 1992 to 1995 and   came up with prototype ZES 2000 to respond to   government’s 2% electric scooter mandate in 2000
- Participated in Electric Scooter Demonstration Project   sponsored by EPA from 1997 to 1999 which was to   build 150 re-engineering ZES 2000 to be fleet tested
- Helped EPA to set up test procedures to certify the   qualification of e-scooter to be subsidized
- Participated in e-scooter Battery SWAP   Demonstration Project sponsored by IDB in 1998
- Participated in e-scooter Quick Charge Demonstration   Project sponsored by EPA in 2000
- Joined MRL of ITRI in 2002 worked on lithium-ion   battery application research
- Manager of EV Battery Project since 2004,   participating in “Medium to Large Scale Lithium-ion   Battery Development Project” sponsored by BOE of   MOEA and “High Efficiency Electric Vehicle   Promotion Project” sponsored by IDB of MOEA

SE: What is your personal motivation to work in LEVs?
MBL: Do right thing, a way of no return—this is my career, the most important thing I can be proud of.

Contact information:
ITRI - Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology
Research Institute
195 Chung Hsing Rd,. Sec. 4 ChuTung
Hsin Chu
Taiwan 310

Languages: Mandarin, Taiwanese and English

Last updated: March 18, 2007



11th to 13th January 2019, Dresden, Germany, SachsenKrad/e-bike-days

22nd to 24th February, Essen, Germany, Fahrrad Essen

27th to 30th March 2019, taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

6th to 7th April 2019, Bocholt, Germany, Radtrends Bocholt

27th und 28th April 2019, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

6th to 9th May 2019, Shanghai, China, China Cycle Show

21st June 2019, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Alps, Austria
E-Bike Convention

22nd and 23rd June 2019, Westendorf, Austria, E-bike Festival Kitzbüheler Alpen

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