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Apropos Legislation: Letters patent

Dear Mr. Minister of transportation,

Everything that is just, the red-green federal government, who wrote on the flag that they would fight for an environmental change, is once again standing behind the ban of the Swiss made kings of the Pedelecs.


Speedy Pedelecs are only street legal in Germany with a motorcycle helmet, horn and licenseplate! That is taking all the fun out of riding this breed Pedelecs. Not to mention shooting down the possibility for this species of pedelecs to grow in the future.

"Speed"-pedelecs could replace the mopeds in the school courtyards, and a lot of unnecissary automobile traffic in cities. Germany and Denmark are the exceptions to Switzerlands models and the sumbling blocks in European legislation.

I hope for speedy pedelecs for more fun and fresh air in the city.

Hope you have something new to think about and some good ideas.

Hannes Neupert




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