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Ernst Brust at IEA HEV Task 23 Workshop

Operational loads on comercially used cargo pedelecs and public fleet pedelecs at IAA 2015. Download now available. more...


Release of CiA 454

Milestone for standardised public charging stations for LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles). Release of the EnergyBus CiA 454 communications open standard. more...


National Cycle Traffic Plan 2020 calls for papers

Further development of pedelec infrastructure is one of the national government’s major objectives. Project proposals until 1 August 2014. LEV Conference informs on 3 October 2014. more...


The CE Mark for Pedelecs - Compulsory yet Voluntary

The CE mark, which implies an EC Declaration of Conformity by the manufacturer, is all around (...) more...


Overview: EU Standards for Pedelecs

For the last 30 years or so we in Europe have been on a long road from national autonomy to a single unified governance – although it would really be much better to strive towards worldwide unifichange (...) more...


The GS Mark for Pedelecs 25

Making safety visible. With extra power of up to 250 W at speeds of up to 25 km/h, riding is fun even uphill: and this applies even for retired people, environmentally aware housewives and indeed for anyone who wants (...) more...


Stiftung Warentest/ADAC Pedelec Test Intransparent

Scaremongering instead of concretized requirements are in the foreground of Stiftung Warentest and ADAC. ExtraEnergy values the test `poor`. In terms of transparency Stiftung Warentest and ADAC must become better. more...


Anti-Dumping Duty - China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Tunisia

48.5% anti-dumping duty on bicycles imported into the EU from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka (...) more...


Requests to national and global politicians

Pro-active legislation would help support the popularisation of pedelecs as a means of eco-mobile transport both in rural and urban areas. more...


Requests to local politics, tourism authorities and funding bodies

Requests around pedelecs to local politicians, authorities, companies, parents, school governors and teachers, tourism authorities, town planners, industry groups, manufacturers, dealers, standards setters, mobility consultants and energy consultants. more...


Dream Legislation around Pedelecs

Because most laws evolve from history, and so won’t be suitable for new things like pedelecs, we’re taking the opportunity to write down what we would like. more...


Good legislation is the basis for the success of the pedelec!

Whether legislation can have a decisive effect on the success, or lack of success, of new developments, is often questioned. more...


Public Charging Infrastructure - Doing the right thing

Examples of public charging infrastructure. From forbidden and dangerous to the solution of the future. more...


Pedelecs – Public Charging Infrastructure

Brief guide for decision making about charging infrastructure. more...


European Safety Standard for LEV Batteries

On 30 August 2012, the organizations ZVEI e.V., ZIV e.V. and BATSO e.V. announced their plans to work on an Europe-wide safety standard for LEV batteries. more...


Industry to consult with EU Commission on E-Bike/Pedelec Legislation

At a busy meeting that took place at Eurobike, the first steps were made to lobby for better European regulations for 2 and 3-wheeled Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Some 70 delegates from about 50 companies, representing an absolute majority share of the e-bike/pedelec business in Europe, attended the meeting. Further meetings are scheduled for September and October 2009. more...


LEV Industry to Have a Say in European Regulations

The European Commission is reviewing the procedure for type-approval of mopeds and motorcycles. This gives the electric bike industry an unique opportunity to start discussions on the legal framework. The matter is urgent, since the European Commission intends to produce a first draft this November. ETRA invites industry players to a meeting on 5 September 2009 at the Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. more...


First Fast Pedelec Legal in the EU

The first pedelec faster than 25 km/h has been type approved in Germany and is now legal in all EU Member States. The Swizzbee 50C can be used without helmet in most countries. more...


USA: Electric Bicycle Law signed by President

The new US law regards electric bicycles with fully functioning pedals, no more than 750 watts motor output and 20 mph top speed as “bicycles”. more...


EU-Directive regulates Pedelec-Status

Pedelecs up to 25 km/h (16 mph) and a motor no more than 250 Watts rated output are considered bicyles. Type approval is not required. Applicable November 9, 2003 in all EU Member States. more...


EU: Electric Mini Scooters need Type or Single Approval

Type or single approval is required to legally sell and use small electric scooters on public roads in EU member states. The approval can be obtained at the German TUV and other institutions. Once approved, the end-user can ride the scooter with an insurance plate up to a helmet-free speed of 20-25 km/h depending on national regulations. more...


Switzerland: No Speed Limit for Pedelecs

In Switzerland pedelecs are allowed to go as fast as they can. They just need type approval and a number plate. more...


Apropos Legislation: Letters patent

Dear Mr. Minister of transportation, Everything that is just, the red-green federal government, who wrote on the flag that they would fight for an environmental change, is once again standing behind the ban of the Swiss made kings of the Pedelecs. more...



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Velo Berlin

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6th to 8th May 2018 Shanghai, China
Shanghai Cycle Show

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