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Final Go Pedelec! Report released

Go Pedelec! Country Manager Thomas Lewis published the final report of the Go Pedelec! project.

Ten project partners from six countries submitted Go Pedelec! within the framework of the program
Intelligent Energy Europe as a project
concept in 2007 and launched it in 2009.

The project dealt with increasing the awareness and
the usage regarding pedelecs as a substitute for
internal combustion engine-powered vehicles in 6
European countries and was co-financed by the
EU by 75%. The majority of the consortium were
not pedelec experts. Experts in the pedelec field were the two partners ExtraEnergy e. V. (Germany) and ekolo.cz (Czech Republic) plus cycling consultant IBC from the Netherlands.

Key activities were:
1. Go Pedelec! roadshows
2. Go Pedelec! workshops for municipal
decision makers and expert trainings (primarily for retailers)
3. Go Pedelec! handbook

Please find the download-link of the complete final report of the Go Pedelec! project here:

>> www.gopedelec.eu

Text: Thomas Lewis
Picture: Go Pedelec!

Online release: Angela Budde

18 April 2013



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