Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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80-Page Electric Bike Special Edition with Test Results

The German bicycle magazine aktiv Radfahren and ExtraEnergy have joint efforts and published an 80-page pedelec and e-bike special edition with all 2008 test results. Available in German language here for download.

As a result of their cooperation project, the German bicycle consumer magazine aktiv Radfahren and ExtraEnergy have published an 80-page special edition on electric bikes. It is available in the German news trade, from ExtraEnergy, or here for download (see below).

If you don’t mind that it’s all in German, this special edition is a wonderful collection of information on electric bikes. It includes the results of 28 pedelecs and e-bikes which were tested in the 2008 ExtraEnergy Test. You will also find extensive purchase advice, what you should pay special attention to when test riding, international market reports, new trends, visions and all you need to know about batteries and motors.

Test Results in English
In English language all test results will be published at before the end of July 2008. There are also plans to publish the Electric Bike Special in English language. But no publication date has been settled yet.

Please note: The new test reports also include products which were tested 2007 already. Some of the evaluations in this year\'s test may differ from the ones published in 2007 because they were compared to the products which were new in the 2008 test.

How to get the Electric Bike Special

From the newstrade
The Electric Bike Special is publised as part of the regular aktiv Radfahren July/August edition, which is now available in the German newstrade. Price is 4.20 Euros.

From ExtraEnergy
The Electric Bike Special can also be ordered from ExtraEnergy as a separate issue. Please wire the mentioned charge to the bank account below and write down your mailing address in the subject field. You will receive the Electric Bike Special in the ordered and paid number. If you are doing an international wire transfer, please make sure that all charges go to the account of the receipient.

5 Euros/issue incl. shipping inside Germany
8 Euros/issue incl. shipping inside Europe

Bank information:
Kreissparkasse Saale-Orla
Am Sparkassenplatz 1
07907 Schleiz

Bank code: 830 505 05
Account No: 28533
Account holder: ExtraEnergy e.V.

IBAN: DE25 8305 0505 0000 0285 33

As Download PDF

Electric Bike Special 2008 online preview
Electric Bike Special 2008 download (in exchange to email address)

Electric Bike Special 1999 online preview
Electric Bike Special 1999 download (in exchange to email address)

Have fun reading!

July 21, 2008



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