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EnergyBus Tube and EnergyBus Lock

The EnergyTube Holding GmbH presented its product developments at the IAA 2015. Multi-functional, multi-purpose, universally-applicable energy combined with a completely different protective mechanism.

The EnergyBus Tube multi-functional, multi-purpose energy storage device, launched by EnergyTube Holding GmbH, makes it possible to move away from product-specific battery pack solutions which currently dominate the marketplace for energy storage, and also from the need to own your battery pack.

This means significantly reduced costs of usage for users, improved availability of spare parts, and reduced use of resources. These batteries can be used for a wide variety of purposes through their lifetime, so their costs can also be shared between multiple users over a long service life.

So this universal EnergyBus Tube battery is like a sort of returnable-deposit drinks bottle, but for universally-applicable energy.

EnergyBus Lock
There’s another unobtrusive detail hidden within the HNF-Heisenberg concept bike, underneath the leather of the classic Brooks saddle: the EnergyBus Lock! This ensures that you will stay the proud owner of this HNF-Heisenberg Urban Bike for the long term, and you can rest easy even if it is stolen.

The concept behind it is elegantly simple: it recognises that carrying around masses of steel in the form of a heavy lock is not always very effective, and that bikes, once stolen, are generally gone forever.

That’s why the EnergyBus Lock employs a completely different protective mechanism. First, it does not attempt to prevent theft by putting up any very significant mechanical resistance, instead relying on the fact that it is the attractiveness of the goods being stolen that is the problem, and without this, that the motivation for theft will disappear.

If the EnergyBus Lock cable is cut, or if the plug is forcibly ripped from the locked socket, all of the pedelec’s components will go into ‘stolen’ mode, robbing the thief of any enjoyment of the stolen item. So, for example, the lights will just flash SOS, the display will just show random pixels or a message that the bike has been stolen, the motor will provide braking, the bell will ring constantly, the battery will refuse to deliver energy, the gears will no longer change, and using its built-in GSM interface, EnergyBus Lock will inform the owner and the police of the current GPS position of the stolen bike.

Insurance companies and the police are excited about these innovations, which promise to improve clear-up rates for cycle theft significantly, and to make bikes unattractive as goods to be easily converted into cash.

A side-effect of the EnergyBus Lock is that if the bike is secured not to something like a tree or a fence, but rather to a public two-wheeler parking facility of the future, then it will not only be effectively protected against sticky-fingered thieves but the energy levels in the battery would be automatically topped up free of charge via the locking cable.

Impressions of EnergyBus Tube and EnergyBus Lock at IAA 2015:

>> Impressions (flickr)

For further details, please visit:

>> www.EnergyTube.de

Copy: Hannes Neupert

Translation: Peter Eland

Picture: Angela Budde

14 October 2015



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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