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Parking space management using EnergyBus

The Senat Department for Urban Development and Environment in Berlin is currently searching for public bike parking management strategies. EnergyBus is the solution.

To cope with the increasing demand for bicycle parking space, new innovative and space-saving systems are needed.

Therefore, the Senat Department for Urban Development and Environment in Berlin is planning to work on a strategy. "The strategy will include e-mobility (E-Bikes, Pedelecs) and management of the rental scheme", indicates the press publication of the Senat Department for Urban Development and Environment in Berlin.

>> read original press release (in German language)

Parking space management using EnergyBus
Hannes Neupert (Executive Director of EnergyBus) explaines: “With the release of CiA 454 there is nothing to prevent the widespread roll-out of charging and locking infrastructure for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs).

The way is now also clear for parking space management using EnergyBus. This means charging facilities which transcend particular implementations or manufacturers, classification of all types of vehicle via identification numbers, digital theft prevention aided by the Charge & Lock Cable, and optional charging of parking facility usage fees.

Hire systems need no longer be tied to a single manufacturer. Vehicle suppliers can be changed, or fleets extended to better serve the needs of users, for example with vehicles for transport of children, for deliveries, for sports and leisure, and especially for everyday transport use.

And this will apply even in ten or twenty years’ time. So a guarantee of investment security has now been given.”

Best practice:

>> Elros Pedelec rental launched

For further information on the Charge & Lock Cable, please visit:


With the release of Version 2.0 of the CiA 454 open communications standard, the EnergyBus Association and CAN in Automation e.V. have committed themselves to designing all future additions and further developments to be backwards compatible.

For further information, please read the following article:

>> EnergyBus CiA 454

LEV Conference

Counties and towns get further information on parking space management using EnergyBus at the LEV Conference on 3 October 2014 at INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany.


Copy, translation, picture: Angela Budde

15 July 2014



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