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EnergyBus lectures at CeBIT 2014 now online

Within the Industrial Users Conference at CeBIT 2014, Hannes Neupert (EnergyBus e. V.) and Torsten Gedenk (emtas GmbH) informed around the EnergyBus topic.

On 14. März 2014 Hannes Neupert informed on EnergyBus functionality. Torsten Gedenk, CEO of EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH talked about EnergyBus applications in LEVs (Light-Electric-Vehicles).

The lectures are available for free download here:

>> Hannes Neupert: EnergyBus Functionality (PDF)

>> Torsten Gedenk: EnergyBus Applikationen für LEVs (PDF)

To meet the rising demand for information on EnergyBus, emtas GmbH offers continuously seminars on this issue.

Next EnergyBus seminars:


LEV Components Special Exhibition
An additional highllight was the shared exhibition stand of EnergyBus and the LEV Components Special Exhibition which was located closed to the Industrial Users Conference. The interactive LEV Components Special Exhibition exhibited hands-on components like LEV motors, lighting, cables and displays. In addition, visitors got further information on EnergyBus applications and available products.

>> read the report

The next LEV Components Special Exhibition will take place at INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany.

>> Information and application (PDF)

>> about the LEV Components Special Exhibition

Copy and translation: Angela Budde

Picture: EnergyBus e.V.

17 April 2014



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