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Conformance tests start this year

On 7 March 2014, EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH offered a technical training at Taipei Cycle Show. Hannes Neupert opened the training and informed on future plans.

Trainers of the technical training on 7 March 2014 within Taipei Cycle Show were Torsten Gedenk / emtas GmbH  and Hannes Neupert  / EnergyBus GmbH. Torsten Gedenk informed on technical knowledge and Hannes Neupert on EnergyBus standardization.

"EnergyBus e. V. is a very international organization and Taiwan is an important part of it", informed Hannes Neupert at the beginning of the training. "The first EnergyBus publication was released at the LEV Conference in Taiwan in 2004. So, this year is the 10th anniversary in terms of publication."

Conformance Tests
Hannes Neupert is member of relevant CENELEC, DIN, DKE and ISO / IEC standardization groups as well as IEA HEVIA Task 23 operating agent. Thanks to his work on standardization, an IEC/ISO pre-standard based on CANOpen 454/EnergyBus will be published in summer 2014.

In addition, the conformance testing will start this year. Any EnergyBus compatible product which passed the conformance test will get a conformance mark. Customers will be able to check the ownership of the product via a free EnergyBus tool.

The next IEC/ISO meeting will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. "Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join", invited Hannes Neupert the audience. For participation, please contact Hannes Neupert via email:

>> Hannes.Neupert@EnergyBus.org

Technical Training
Target groups of the technical training are mostly technical oriented system engineers who want to implement EnergyBus or decision makers with a technical background.

Chien-Ping Liao participated in the EnergyBus training. He is working for the promotion of drive systems for CHC and the bicycle industry in Taiwan. "I got the first idea of EnergyBus from Taipei Cycle Show in 2013. In this training, I could understand the content of the CANopen Application Profile/EnergyBus Protocol."

The technical training was held by Torsten Gedenk (CEO emtas GmbH). "I am pleased with the good organization, preparation and collaboration with CHC. We are looking forward to continue the successful cooperation in the next year."

>> photo gallery (flickr)

The next CANopen and EnergyBus seminar of emtas GmbH will take place on 6 and 7 May 2014 in Merseburg, Germany.

>> CANopen and EnergyBus seminar in Merseburg

>> 07 March 2014 EnergyBus Technical Training

Text and pictures: Angela Budde

14 March 2014



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