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New EnergyBus Booklet released

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home” predicted Ken Olson, president of Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977. Ready for the future?

EnergyBus is the one open standard for all electric components of Light-Electric-Vehicles (LEVs), such as electric bikes. Is there any reason for a standardized plug for electric bikes?

At present, servicing Light-Electric-Vehicles is expensive. Every vehicle needs its own charger. Using the wrong charger is a real danger as the battery might short circuit and fail.
The EnergyBus connector and bus system enable to provide one charger for every battery. Since systems are compatible, the dealer does not have to stock many similar components of different suppliers, but instead can offer a variety of components and functionality.

The organization EnergyBus has currently 65 members and partners. Companies who lately became EnergyBus members are BMW Forschung & Technik GmbH and Conti Temic microelectronic GmbH. A new booklet is just released.

New EnergyBus Booklet
The booklet answers common service related questions on electric bikes: How can one make sure that there is reliable spare part supply for the first ten years after purchase? Does one need to hire an electrician for electric bikes? Is it possible to add a second battery for extended range? What can dealers offer to customers who want to buy a solar panel to charge their vehicle? Why did the battery die? Is that covered by the warranty? Is it possible to add a second throttle?

Please download the booklet here:

>> EnergyBus booklet (PDF)

About EnergyBus
EnergyBus is a member organization that consists of persons, institutions, associations and companies. Everyone who wants to work with and on the EnergyBus standard is free to join. As a member, one will gain access to the EnergyBus protocol, is allowed to use EnergyBus applications and connectors and is entitled to work on the development of more features. EnergyBus has seen constant growth since 2007. Currently, there are about 65 members. Some of them already apply the EnergyBus communication protocol and coupler set; others use still the beta version of the EnergyBus charging coupler. Furthermore, members come together in the various technical committees to define and improve the EnergyBus standard. Together with ISO and IEC committees, the members are dedicated to harmonize interfaces connecting energy and communication. This enables more cost-effective innovation and technological progress.
Most members come from the Light Electric Vehicle industry, so they are manufacturers of (electric) bikes, drive systems, applications, batteries, human-machine-interfaces and more. Institutions like ExtraEnergy e.V., ITRI or CAN in Automation and the Fraunhofer Institute are driving forces behind innovations and ideas for the future. These are then often realized in co-operation with members from the industry and development partners like emtas GmbH.

Lately more and more members that offer solutions for infrastructure have joined or are providers of it themselves. They come from the tourism industry with rental schemes for pedelecs or are providers like Deutsche Bahn, combining its train network with bikes. For them, a charging infrastructure that uses one single connector, which is not limited to be used in only one kind of vehicle, means freedom and safety for the future.

About Charging Infrastructure EnergyBus Pilot Scheme
The Pilot Scheme Charging Infrastructure for Pedelecs is an interdisciplinary work group for the evaluation of a standardized charging infrastructure for LEVs by means of a Charge & Lock Cable.

Experts – enterprises and organizations acting within the framework of EnergyBus e.V. have been combining their individual know-how in this unique project since November 2011.

Please find further information at:
>> www.EnergyBus.org
>> www.charging-infrastructure.org

Text: Angela Budde
Bild: Moritz Grünke

Datum: 19.03.2013



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