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Charge-Lock Cable for LEVs

The EnergyBus Workshop „Charge-Lock Cable and mobile Safety“ developed a new system for simultaneously charging and locking LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles).

The idea of the Charge-Lock-Cable was designed to make the mechanically locking process easier and safer.

How to use
The user plugs the Charge-Lock Cable, reinforced at users` option, in the charging point. As soon as the user locks the LEV, the bar of the charging point closes.
The pedelec is thereby connected and charged. If the Charge-Lock Cable should be severed, the electronic components of the bus system will immediately inform about the theft. In an instant, the electronic components will block. If installed, the owner can be informed about the incident via mobile phone. Thereby, the user can also stay up to date.

The EnergyBus organization secured the patents of this principle in order to ensure long-term availability to all interested parties. EnergyBus is currently preparingto test the Charge-Lock Cable in a model region.

>> Illustrations

About EnergyBus
Since 2002, EnergyBus is working on the EnergyBus Standard (EBS). EBS is a standard for all electric components of LEVs. With one standard for all electric components, all parts become truly compatible.
In March 2012, EnergyBus will publish the first connector system with its final features. Currently, there are more than 50 EnergyBus members, including many of the leading LEV component and vehicle manufacturers.

>> EnergyBus Flyer (PDF)


Copy: Angela Budde

17 January 2012



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