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EnergyBus Based on CAN Protocol

CAN protocol is the language that machines use to  communicate. EnergyBus even further specializes this language for the needs of the LEV industry. The non-profit organizations EnergyBus and CAN in Automation, Germany, have joint efforts to develop this open network together.

The nonprofit organizations CAN in Automation (CiA) and EnergyBus agreed to jointly develop an open network for light electrical vehicles (LEV). This network – EnergyBus – will meet the specific requirements of the LEV industry. EnergyBus will be comprised of the electrical power lines between a variety of electrical devices such as battery, battery charger, and motor. It will also include the CANopen network for controlling these devices and connecting the sensors and the optional board computer.

An application-specific plug-set is intended to be developed for exclusive use with the EnergyBus. As Hannes Neupert (EnergyBus) remarks: „The goal is to ease development of LEVs for the manufacturers, and increase the competition in the component area since
the individual devices of different manufacturers could easily be connected to one another“.

After several years of research and some experiments with RS-485 and LIN, the Energy-Bus consortium selected CAN communication technology. A study conducted by C&S group headed by Prof. Dr. Wolfhard Lawrenz, which extensively analyzed the requirements of the LEV industry, found that only the internationally standardized CAN (ISO 11898-1/2) is capable to fulfill these requirements. „CAN is the dominant bus system in several industries, mainly in passenger cars,“ said Holger Zeltwanger (CiA). „About 500 Million CAN controllers have been sold in 2006.“

The EnergyBus organization believes that the market for LEVs in Europe has the potential to grow quickly from currently about 200,000 units per year. Several million units per year should be possiblen if further standardization is implemented. Such standardization will allow for a variety of manufacturers to easily
fulfill all customer requirements.

EnergyBus Workshop on Nov 12, 2007
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September 13, 2007



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