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ExtraEnergy Annual Report 2003/04

A report on the current ExtraEnergy activities by the Board of Managers on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting on August 15, 2004 in Germany.

On August 15, 2004, seven members of the ExtraEnergy e.V. got together in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany, for the first Annual General Meeting in 2004. The meeting agenda included a report on the current ExtraEnergy projects by the Board of Managers. A major issue were changes in the operation structure of the ExtraEnergy trust and in the strategy for future exhibitions. Nine members were absent, four of them with valid excuse.

The meeting attendees decided to postpone the decision upon membership inquiries to the next annual general meeting at which the Board of Managers will be re-elected.

Project Overview
• Exhibitions and Seminars in 2003/2004
• Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) Definition
• LEV Test planned for 2005
BatteryTest in cooperation with the Deutsche Post AG
• China Research and planned Cooperations in China
• EnergyBus Communication Standard for LEVs
Hysun 3000 Fuel-Cell Project by Frieder Herb
• Exhibition Strategies and Logistics
• ExtraEnergy Continuous Exhibition and Test Center
in Tanna
• – the LEV platform on the Internet
• ExtraEnergy Team and Policy

New Structure at ExtraEnergy
Changing the structure of the ExtraEnergy Trust to reduce monthly expenses has begun in January 2003 and will be finished in September 2004. Since January 2003 ExtraEnergy has no more employees. From September 2004 on, the only monthly expenses will be liability insurance and web hosting fees. The services to continue ExtraEnergy projects will be provided by external partners. This way, the ExtraEnergy budget will be easier to controll and carry less risk. The goal of this re-organization is to ensure a long ExtraEnergy future.

Leaving the Trade Show Business
Based on a statement by Hannes Neupert, the attendees of the meeting have decided that ExtraEnergy will stop organizing special exhibitions at trade shows. Instead, ExtraEnergy will focus on its key competence: testing light electric vehicles and components, like batteries etc.

The exhibition equipment developed and designed by ExtraEnergy over the years will be sold to Hannes Neupert Consulting (HNC). The idea is to be able to commercially build up a LEV World as an exhibition of its own in connection with the traditional trade shows. Such projects are impossible on the basis of a non-profit trust. ExtraEnergy will continue though to provide the contents for special exhibitions from tests and other activities. But all the business related part like the coordination with the fair companies will be handled by HNC.

Report on the ExtraEnergy Projects by the Board of Managers

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Last updated: August 26, 2004



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