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ExtraEnergy and Greenfinder start pioneering cooperation

The combination of competences of ExtraEnergy and Greenfinder shall reliably lead all prospective costumers to the vehicles which are perfectly fitted to their wishes.

ExtraEnergy, since 1992 the sole independent consumer-oriented institution for pedelec and e-bike tests worldwide, and Greenfinder, the main independent comparison portal for pedelecs and e-bikes initiated a close cooperation in February 2015. "Our goal is to combine the association's strengths with Greenfinder and to present a new, intuitive model to determine the consumers' desired bike" says Sascha Nachtnebel, founder and CEO of Greenfinder. The web portal Greenfinder integrates detailed test results by ExtraEnergy into product websites of e-bikes and pedelecs so that the consumer can access established information about the individual models. With this new feature the consumer can filter his search request for tested e-bikes and can also download the clearly arranged PDF file of the comprehensive ExtraEnergy test results.

"Since the late 90's, the customer request criteria - based on the QFD method - have stepwise been implemented into the testing process as a basis of assessment by ExtraEnergy and thus allow all users to pre-select certain pedelecs", says Hannes Neupert, first chairman of ExtraEnergy. "With immediate effect, we - together with Greenfinder - want to help even more people to find the right pedelec, as consumer-friendly as possible."

Moreover a clear determination of the respective user profile shall simplify a targeted purchase advice. A sophisticated test - consisting of five interdependent questions - will especially help newcomers to quickly and straightforwardly determine their needs and to find their desired Pedelec or E- Bike. This service shall prime and simplify the individual sales pitch with a local specialty retailer of electric bicycles.

Due to the main comparison portal for bicycle retailers, ExtraEnergy and Greenfinder want to jointly strengthen the stationary specialty stores. By inspiring even more people with electric bicycles, the association and the company Greenfinder optimize the market and create a user-oriented transparency.

About Greenfinder
In 2012 Greenfinder was founded in Heidelberg and is a self-financed and owner-operated company. Based on the online pedelec and e-bike comparison and an interactive purchase advice, Greenfinder - the main independent comparison platform for electric vehicles in Germany - wants to create a transparent and customer-friendly electric vehicles market. Currently the internet platform compares more than 6.700 models of e-bikes, pedelecs and pedelecs 45 from about 285 different brands from more than 3.000 retailers. Greenfinder set itself the goal to comprehensively inform about electric mobility and to promote it with innovative services.

>> www.greenfinder.de

>> press release

Text and picture: Greenfinder UG

1 March 2015



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