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ExtraEnergy has a new Logo

ExtraEnergy polished its image for the Spring 2009 Test. Since Eurobike 2009, the new, modern logo has replaced the long-established sun logo for almost all ExtraEnergy projects.


A new era dawned for the electric bike market in Europe in 2008. And with it, also for ExtraEnergy. The organization set itself new, higher standards - not only for what it does, but also visually.

When ExtraEnergy released the preliminary results of the Spring 2009 Test in Tanna, it wore a new logo - with an even stronger identity than the old sun logo. For Eurobike show 2009, the organizsation has taken over the new corporate image on all material, also on the website.

The original ExtraEnergy logo with crosslines, sun, bicycle and clouds, was created in 1995. A lot changed in the years that followed and online communication became ever more important. In turn, this made the old logo with its many elements too complex. A few elements made their appearance in new forms, while the sun remained. Finally, it was decided to create a new, uniform identity. From a number of alternative designs presented by Moritz Grünke and Max Neupert, the two intertwined "e"s won the day as the most distinctive logo.

Logo + lettering (PDF Download 60 KB)
Logo only (PDF Dowload 64 KB)

Published: 8 May 2009
Last updated: 30 September 2009



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