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ExtraEnergy aims Higher in 2009

The ExtraEnergy team is growing steadily and planning ambitious new projects. Not only will 2009 see the return of the TEST IT Tour, and a whole new test, ExtraEnergy will also support the “Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit” campaign in Bavaria. So, keep an eye on us. Many highlights lie ahead in 2009…

Welcome new team players and meet familiar faces
The ExtraEnergy team is growing fast. Since last year three new members have joined the crew: Melanie Wiederkehr has been responsible for the continued development of EnergyBus since 2007. In 2009 she will also be in charge of the tests. For the sales and management of industry customers, Sonja Glauert has strengthened the ExtraEnergy team since mid 2008. Around the same time, Uwe Schlemender joined to help with the organization of events and logistics. There are more jobs to be occupied - come and join in!
Meet the team

Return of the TEST IT Tour
ExtraEnergy is not only planning a splendid comeback of the TEST IT Tour. The Tour 2009 reaches higher than ever, and will be present at tourism events, environmental events and others, to grow awareness of electric bikes in a broader audience than cyclists and the cycle industry.
More about the TEST IT Tour

„Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit“ – Bavarians test and win pedelecs
ExtraEnergy supports the “Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit” (eng.: “Cycle to your job”) campaign in Bavaria. This event has been well known for years and will now be electrified with a whole new perspective.

ExtraEnergy wants to reach the last few non-bikers and therefore introduced pedelecs to the campaign. As a teaser, ExtraEnergy provides three pedelecs to be won with a total value of €8,000. Participants will be able to test electric bikes and will be able to win a range of prizes.

These include vouchers for test rides, valid in all shops of electric bike dealers in Bavaria who take part in the campaign. The voucher is worth €25 and enables you to take an extensive test ride on a pedelec of your choice.

“Mit dem Rad zu Arbeit” is supported by the ADFC (Cycle section of motoring organization ADAC), AOK (health insurance company) and the Bavarian Ministry for Health and the Environment. Further sponsors are the DGB (Association of labor unions), and VbW (Association of Bavarian Business).
The campaign:

Test Track and LEV Conference in Taiwan

The annual Taipei Cycle show in Taiwan's capital will have a testing course with an exceptionally high uphill grade over 100 meters. This great testing opportunity is part of the LEV conference, which this year focuses on the topic of public infrastructure for LEVs.
More at:

Innovation fosters customization
The market is developing rapidly, so ExtraEnergy will introduce a new test procedure to keep pace with the developments. ExtraEnergy invested €180,000 in new testing technology to be able to test all new products as soon as they are introduced to the market. With the new procedures, test rides can now be executed simultaneously, allowing the testing of 30 bikes in only 10 days, while adhering to the organization's high standards.

From this year ExtraEnergy will test twice a year - in spring and in the fall. In addition to the products submitted to the tests by manufacturers, ExtraEnergy will also buy some new products and test them, to get an representive overview of what is on the market. 

Get a taste of testing and become a test rider! For the 2-day test event in Lorsch near Heidelberg on April 24-25, 2009 ExtraEnergy is still looking for test riders. Please contact Melanie Wiederkehr
More about the Test

Stronger ties to VELOTECH and SLG
In recent years ever more pedelec frames broke under testing. ExtraEnergy and VELOTECH will now address this problem by developing a test cycle for frame stability of pedelecs. In the course of the pilot survey that runs till April, Velotech will construct a special test facility in Schweinfurt, Germany. Thereafter, all 30 electric bikes tested during the ExtraEnergy test, will be subject to endurance tests in Schweinfurt to check their mechanical strength.
More about VELOTECH 

Yet another issue raised - the conformity of innovations with rules coming up on electronic devices (for example: electromagnetic compatibility, EMC). To assist the industry on these matters, all bikes of the ExtraEnergy Test 2009 will be checked to see whether they conform to the rules by the SLG Institute of Chemnitz.
More about SLG

February 21, 2009



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