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ExtraEnergy Organization Charter

ExtraEnergy is registered under the registration number VR 325 at the local court in Lobenstein, Germany.

§ 1 Name and headquarters:
The organization is known by the name "ExtraEnergy". The orgainzation should be registrered in the register of associations. The name "ExtraEnergy" is followed by "Org". The headquaters are located in Tanna (Thuringia), Germany.

§ 2 Organization charter:
The organization provides a community service in the terms of paragraph 51 of the general tax code. The purpose of the Organization is to promote environmentaly friendly transportation in relation to individual mobility.

The organization charter will be fulfilled through the following activities and projects:

* Projects that deal with the different aspects of muscle powered vehicles and to make these vehicles avalible for the public to see.
* To make publications, displays and projects of qualified people accessible to the largest groups possible.
* Initiaion of projects with the teamwork between experts of different fields along with those laymen who are interested in the subject and have ideas to contribute to the subject.
* Publication of presentations on environmental subjects in schools, colleges, and to industrial research stations.

The oragization does not strive to better its own economic situation. The funds of the organization are only avalible to be used to fulfill the organization charter. The members of the orgainzation recieve no additional funds from the organization. No member will be payed for their work if it is not in accordance with fulfilling the organization charter, or if they demand an unreasonalbe payment for their work. In order to participate in functions that help meet the organization charter, surplus funds may be accumulated. In the event of the organization disolving or failure to fulfill the existing organization charter, the assests will be turned over to the ADFC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrad Club) or an organization with similar goals.

§ 3 Membership:
The organization has official members and supporting members. Official members of the organization can be anyone who is willing to support the ideals and goals of the organization. Supporting members can be a partnership or a leagal body, but have no vote in member meetings. The member application must be in written form. The acceptance of an application will be decided by the management. Withdrawl from the organization can be done at any time through a written explination to the management. The membership ends otherwise in the case of death or exclusion. A member can be excluded from the organizaion by the dicision of the management if he/she has acted contrary to the intrests of the organization. Before the exclusion of the member takes place, an appropriate period of time is granted to the member to give a statement regaurding the raised reproaches. The resolution over the exclusion of the member will clearly be given to the member in writing. The members will decided what to do with any contributions that the member has made.

§4 Elements of the organization:
The organization consists of the board of management and the general members.

§5 Board of management:
The the board management consists of three people. The term of office for the board of managment is two years. They remain in office until a new board of managers has been chosen. Only members of the organization can be voted into the board of managers. The members of the board of managers are selected seperately by majority vote from the general members. Each member of the board of members has the authority to sign contracts for the organization. Executive comittees consist of members selected according to the majority vote of the board of members. Executive comittees are responsible for projects and assignments given to them by the board of members. The term of office of executive comittee members is contingent upon the time required to complete the assigned task. In the next member meeting, the executive comittee must be vindicated by a majority vote of the general members.

§6 Member meetings:
In member meetings, every official member has one vote. Dicisions will be made in the member meetings in accordance with the ideals and goals of the organization and vindicated by a majority vote. The dicision is to be written, including the vote count, and must be signed by the secretary and by one of the board of members by the end of the meeting. Changes to the organization charter or liquidation of the organization can only be approved by a 3/4 majority vote. The liquidation of the organization can only be decided in an official member meeting. The members can request an audit, from someone who is not affiliated with the board of members, once every fiscle year. The official member meeting takes place once a year. The meeting must be called by the board of members with an agenda no later than 14 days before the meeting is to be held. The 14 day time limit begins on the day that the invitations are turned over to the mail system. Only with the written consent of 1/3 of the official members, can a special member meeting be held.



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