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New Exhibition Displays: Elegant, Professional, Universal

The second generation of ExtraEnergy showcases comes up with artful and clever details and opens up entirely new opportunities for exhibitions.

The new generation of ExtraEnergy exhibition displays has arrived! The glass cabinets serve for firm installation of tested pedelecs and e-bikes and to show them at various events. In 2007, the new showcases have already done a great job at IFMA Cologne bicycle trade show and various events within the pedelec action month in Stuttgart, Germany.

Whereas the first generation glass displays were open at the edges, the new models are completely closed and sealed with waterproof silicon. Along the inside edges designer and project manager Sebastian Müllauer has installed LEDs, which allow an harmonious, energy saving illumination of the exhibit. The wheels of the bike are fixed by means of special holders attached to the rims. This way no one will see if the bike has a flat tire. Illunimated acrylic boards cover the bottom of the glass case on which the full test report is printed in English and German with pictures and tables.

Being weather resistant and protected against vandalism, the new displays open up entirely new opportunitis for exhibitions. For example in open air locations, public squares etc. At Stuttgart Schlossplatz, the most popular square in this German city, the test bikes in the new show cases made for an exquisite exhibition in October 2007.

The glass cases can easily be moved to the desired position by forklift and a custom-made pallet truck. The side boards, which protect the glass during transport, are quickly folded down and serve as podium.

This podium carries the manufacturer and product name, visible from far away. If the test bike has been awarded with a 'very good' or 'good' rating, the corresponding test seal also finds its place at the podium.

For LEV Manufacturers
Companies who would like to present their test bike in a showcase as described above can rent or buy one from ExtraEnergy at a very fair price. Please contact Hannes Neupert.


November 15, 2007



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