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Modiary at China Cycle 2018

Alex Gong, Shenzen Modiary Co.,LTD, interviewed at China Cycle 2018. Shenzen Modiary was exhibiting its electric bike chargers as part of the LEV Components Special Exhibition.

Interview with Alex Gong, Shenzen Modiary Co., LTD. The interview was conducted by Michael Burger for at China Cycle 2018.

Michael: Tell me about your company, Modiary. What are your products? Where are you located?

Alex: Our main products are e-bike chargers for lithium ion batteries. We located in Shenzen, China, north of Hong Kong. The company was founded in 2006, and now over 250 people work in our factory.

Michael: Who are your customers, and how wide is the range of your products?

Alex: As just one example, Specialized USA is a customer of ours, and our product range covers everything from two-wheelers like electric bikes, to scooters, to electric cars.

Michael: What´s special about your products?

Alex: We have invested a lot in R&D. Our charger is safer and more intelligent: both very important factors for customers. We have high current chargers, too. Typically, 2 amp is standard, but we have 4 amp and 6 amp chargers. More amps means faster charging.

Michael: Why did you choose the ExtraEnergy Exhibition to display your products?

Alex: We can meet so many customers, see old friends and make new friends. It´s the best opportunity to showcase our products.

Contact for further information:

Alex Gong

Sales Manager
cell: +86-13602681007



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Text: Michael Burger, Angela Budde

Picture: Michael Burger

Revision: Peter Eland

Online publication: Angela Budde

11th June 2018

Last update: 2nd July 2018



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