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emtas at EUROBIKE 2017

EnergyBus partner emtas GmbH at EUROBIKE 2017: an interview with Torsten Gedenk, MD of emtas GmbH, as part of the LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE 2017.

Rotsy Ratsiorimanana conducted this interview as part of the LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE 2017.

Rotsy: Which components is emtas GmbH exhibiting here at the LEV Components Special Exhibition?

Torsten: We are exhibiting our EnergyBus LEV Framework. This does not involve physical components but rather software which assists component manufacturers to integrate EnergyBus communication mechanisms into their components.

Rotsy: What are then the special features of these components?

Torsten: The EnergyBus LEV Framework is the only EnergyBus protocol stack available on the market. The software is supplied as C source code which can be integrated in the firmware of LEV components (e.g. motors, displays, batteries, chargers, ..), so that they support communication according to the EnergyBus protocol. In addition, emtas offers development and diagnostic tools, as you can see illustrated.

>> EnergyBus Software Stack in ANSI-C

Rotsy: Why is emtas GmbH presenting this framework as part of the LEV Components Special Exhibition?

Torsten: To raise awareness of EnergyBus and our EnergyBus LEV Framework across the world at all of the showings of the LEV Components Special Exhibition. The LEV Components Special Exhibition is the perfect platform for this.


>> Gallery EUROBIKE 2017 (flickr)

Picture: Rotsy Ratsiorimanana

Translation: Peter Eland

Online publication: Angela Budde

10 September 2017



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