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Iceland Challenge - By Pedelec Through Ice and Fire

EUROBIKE, 29 August 2014. A spectacular journey presented on the ExtraEnergy Stage.

Four Pedelec Adventures team members rode four electric bikes through Iceland's amazing landscapes for four weeks. On 4,000 km the Mongolia-proven adventurers faced the elements of the North and ever new challenges for their speed-pedelecs. A spectacular journey that showed what is possible on electric bikes.

Susanne Brüsch, Pedelec Adventures: "We develop travel concepts, organize multi-week tours and ride these tours with out own team. In doing so, we promote a new lifestyle by living it ourselves.

In 2011 we started our first adventure tour in Morocco riding speed-pedelecs and charging the batteries with solar trailers. One year later we rode through the heart of Mongolia in a completely self-sufficient way. In 2013 we really faced the elements during our 1-month journey through the varied landscapes of Iceland. We had to cross deep rivers and hundreds of kilometers of wast lava desert. Challenged by the tough conditions of weather and terrain and rewarded by the beauty of the North and its endless summer nights Iceland Challenge was an absolutely amazing experience. The eflow bikes were a lot of fun to ride and survived a 4000 km hardness test."

Watch a short clip about the Iceland Challenge here:

>> www.iceland-challenge.com

LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE on Facebook:

>> www.facebook.com

Text and picture: ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG

14 August 2014
Last update: 17 September 2014



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