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IDbike at LEV Components Special Exhibition

EUROBIKE, 27 to 30 August 2014. Hands-on experience. IDbike TMM4 torque sensor, motor controller, riding software and LCD display at the LEV Components Special Exhibition at Foyer East, 1st floor.

From 27 to 30 August 2014, IDbike will exhibit at the LEV Components Special Exhibition at Foyer East, 1st floor at EUROBIKE 2014.

Founding fathers of the European EPAC
IDbike is one of the founding fathers of the European EPAC. At the LEV Components Special Exhibition, IDbike will present the TMM4 torque sensor,  motor controller and graphical LCD display at the LEV Components Special Exhibition bundled in one place.

Product advantages:

1. IDbike TMM4 torque sensor

  • best-in-class and most cost effective
  • Measuring both legs (LH and RH leg).
  • The most reactive sensor, with instant
    reaction and response.
  • With 100% linearity between pedal
    torque versus TMM4 output signal.
  • The most sensitive sensor with very
    high resolution.
  • Allowing for synergetic and intuitive
    pedal assistance. Offering the best harmony between man (= cyclist) and machine ( = Pedelec and/or Speed Pedelec)
  • No tear and no wear
  • With very durable protective coating, no influence from water, moisture, mud, sand and debris.
2.  IDbike motor controller
  • High quality and heavy duty motor controller that can be used for multiple LEV platforms (including more powerful applications).
  • The IDbike algorithms, in combination with the TMM4 torque sensor, offer smooth and synergetic riding programs which can be tailored to the OEM-customers’ requirements.
3. IDbike graphical LCD display
  • Programmable and consequently can also be tailored to the OEM-customer’s requirements in terms of customer logo and further layout of the display.
  • In addition, for OEM-customer, the IDbike display can be used as an interface to communicate with the IDbike motor controller.
  • In this way the OEM-customer can modify the parameters by himself and can also modify the various support ratio’s in the various riding programs.
>> Product photos (flickr)

>> download company presentation (PDF)

Meet IDbike at EUROBIKE
Put your hands on the IDbike TMM4 torque sensor, motor,  controller, software package, graphical and programmable LCD display at the LEV Components Special Exhibition, Foyer East, 1st floor.

To arrange a meeting at EUROBIKE 2014, please contact Mr. Han Goes (Sales & Marketing) via email or by phone:


Tel. +31648446794

About IDbike
IDbike was founded in 1997. As one of the founding fathers of the European EPAC, IDbike’s views on electric bicycles are clear:
  1. Electric bikes must start in a safe and controlled way, in all riding modes (eco to boost).
  2. Be intuitive, through a swift and reactive response on the cyclist’s pedal torque input.
  3. Be repeatable and reproducible under all circumstances, must ride predictably and stable. Perfect and harmonious synergy between man and machine, riding without worries and without thinking. The pedal support must be obvious and natural, like a state-of-the-art power steering in cars. It’s always there, you just don’t notice it, until it’s not there anymore.
  4. Nevertheless the character of the electric bike can be adjusted and selected by tuning the parameters, according to choice and taste.
  5. Support OEM-customers in tuning these parameters.
  6. Have a graphical display that can be used as the interface for tuning the riding parameters.
For further information, please visit:


About the LEV Components Special Exhibition
The LEV Components Special Exhibition is an easy way to get a quick overview on LEV components offered by suppliers from all over the world.

In 2014, the LEV Components Special Exhibition has been shown at Taipei Cycle Show/Taiwan, CeBIT/Germany, China Cycle Show/China, Battery Conference/Germany, and VivaVelo Conference/Germany. Upcoming shows are EUROBIKE/Germany, INTERMOT/Germany, eBikeTec/Germany and Challenge Bibendum/China.

How to participate

Potential exhibitors interested in participating at the  following trade shows can receive further details and booking conditions from Isabel Wolf (Project Coordinator) at:


>> Details and booking form (PDF)

Please find further background information on the LEV Components Special Exhibition here:

>> LEV Components Special Exhibition - World Premiere

Follow the event on Facebook:

>> EUROBIKE: LEV Components Special Exhibition

Text: ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG, IDbike BV. The product information is the respective company´s own and does not necessarily represent ExtraEnergy´s editorial policy.

Pictures: IDbike BV

30 July 2014

Last update: 5 August 2014



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