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New Pedelec Drive Systems

EUROBIKE, 28 August 2014. Lectures on New Pedelec Drive Systems within the LEV Components Special Exhibition. Downloads now available.

The needs of the pedelec market are greater than can be fulfilled by the established range of products in the market. The good news is that several start-ups and global players from other industries, such as the automotive supply chain, are entering this market sector. This gives bike manufacturers the opportunity to create vehicles which cater better for the needs of specific customer groups.

This session gave an overview of new and innovative drive systems which are approaching market readiness.

Heiko Schweizer, Ansmann AG: "E-Bike devision is my part at Ansmann AG. The new rear wheel motor type RM7.0 is a gearles Direct Drive motor. Of cause, at it is gearless, it is very noiseless. We have 99 % efficiency. Our software is very easy to adjust, usable from sport bikes to load bikes. Of course, at Direct Drive motor, it is maintanance free. The CAN BUS Display has 5 different power levels, 3 recuparation levels, 6 gike functions, range calculation and more. Just visit our booth inside and outside."

>> Download (PDF)

>> Download (PDF)

>> Download (PDF)

For further information, please visit:


Sven Bernhardt, Vertriebsingenieur e-Bike, Brose: "Our company is automative provider of electric motors for cars all over the world and now also for electric bikes. The customer can modify and adopt the system's setup to his own market needs. The weight is only 3.4 kg. Efficiency is between 75 and 82 % and the engine is very silent. One Rotwild bike with Brose drive unit is exhibited on our booth and everybody is highly welcome to test ride."

Booth no. at INTERMOT: 017, Hall 5.2

For further information, please visit:


David Johansson, Mechanics Designer, Höganäs:
“During EUROBIKE 2014 Höganäs AB launched a new drive system; Eclino, based on the TFM (Transversal Flux Motor) technology together with the German battery supplier Varta Microbatteries GmbH. Among the new features are a RCR (Remote Control Ring) as main HMI and a smartphone app for the advanced user. The Eclino core values and main performance benefits are:

  • Outstanding hill climbing ability (never gets overheated)
  • Easy to install (plug & play)
  • Compact high performance, high torque
  • High energy efficiency (under wide operating conditions)
  • Efficient use of raw materials (reduced use of copper and permanent magnets)
To put our own products through a tough test, we rode pedelecs equipped with the Eclino system all the way from Höganäs, Sweden to Friedrichshafen, Germany. The pre-event to EUROBIKE, called eCaravan was a 1200 km long journey in rain, sunshine, headwinds and many different terrains and surfaces. The results of this event were very good and create evidence for our claims on superior performance - we only had one flat tire and one broken spoke during the whole trip. By doing this event we also shown the versatility of electrically assisted bikes, such as vacation and commuting, and that anybody can travel a very long way with pedelecs.”

>> Download (PDF)

For further information, please visit:


Willi Breitenhuber, MPF Drive: "MPF is an Austrian-Taiwanese company. The mid-motor system is maintainance free. It gives us very much boost to enjoy riding. We are working very strongly on the service side. Visit us at FGO 208 to have a test ride."

For further information, please visit:


Ali Dastrandj, Ressel: "We have developed the Coax One. The revolution is the magnetic gear box. We use EnergyBus, started with it 3 years ago. We can communicate with any client´s battery."

Johannes Dörndorfer, ropa engineering GmbH: "Technical specifications of our motor are: up to 4000 W, up to 200 Nm (used with bikes), up to 80 km/h. It is extremely robust, fully automatic, with a wide gearing range, electric brakes, and theft protection. Now, we have a partner who wants to bulid a speed bike with us which you will see at next Taipei Cycle Show in 2015."

>> EnergyTube (PDF)

>> ropa Evolution (PDF)

For further information, please visit:


Impressions of LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE:

>> photo gallery (flickr)

LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE on Facebook:


Text and picture: ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG

28 July 2014
Last update: 25 September 2014



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