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ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Magazine Issue 14

ExtraEnergy Magazine, August 2016 edition: 72 comprehensive test reports, Europe’s largest ever cargo pedelec test, special features on self-balancing vehicles, conversion kit systems and a supplement on components for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Download now or flip through online. Get your free print edition at the LEV Components Special Exhibitions.


Read about Europe’s largest ever cargo pedelec test in the ExtraEnergy Magazine. This, the fourteenth edition, focuses on informing readers about the important steps to take when choosing the correct cargo pedelec, their suitability for child carrying, for commercial applications and the subject of safety. Exclusives in this test: a pre-production component demonstrator using the Marquardt modular system, as well as the Urban Wheelz prototype.
Special sections provide details about the pros and cons of retro-fit conversion kits, and about self-balancing vehicles, their legal situation, practical usage tips as well as ExtraEnergy Test reports on the one-wheeled Solowheel Xtreme and Ninebot One C+.
Download issue 14 here for free:
Flip through online
Click and read the magazine online:
72 test reports
A2B Ørsted
Bakfiets Cruiser long
Bergamont Contrail C 8.0 Nyon
Bergamont E Line C Deore Active 400 Lady
Binova Antriebssystem an Winora Talparo
Bulls Twenty 9 E FS3
Carver Cityzen 1050
CDS E-Trike VS 3E
Dancelli Fashion e02
eflow ER2
Fischer Proline MTB EM 1614
Fischer Proline Trekking ETD 1606
Fischer Trekking Proline ETD 1401
Fischer Trekking Proline ETH 1401
Flyer Uproc 6 8.7
Gazelle Arroyo C7
GIANT Explore E+ 1 GTS
Gobax Get2sPlus
Haibike SDURO Trekking SL
Hartje CONTOURA "Caldera E"
Hartje I:SY
Hartje i:sy cargo
Hercules Alassio
Hercules Cargo
Hercules Futura F8 Gates
Hercules Jarvis E45
Hercules Robert/A Pro R8
HNF Heisenberg UD1
Kalkhoff Agattu Premium Impulse 8R/8
Kalkhoff Include Premium 8
Kalkhoff Integrale 10
Kalkhoff Sahel Compact Impulse
Keola Delft MX Plus
Keola Holland CargoBike
Kettler e-EXPLORER
Kettler Traveller E Sport
Kettler Twin RT
Klaxon Handy Zehus
Klever Q-POWER
Kreidler Vitality Eco 3
Kreidler Vitaly Eco 6
LLobe Blanche
M1 Schwabing Belt Drive
M1 Spitzing
M1 Spitzing Worldcup
M1 Spitzing PLUS
Merida E-SPRESSO Sport 408
Pedalpower eHarry
Pedalpower Long Harry E-Cargo Marquardt
Pegasus Premio E10
Pegasus Premio E8
Prophete Navigator 6.4
Radkutsche Rapid
Raleigh Ashford S10
Raleigh Dover Impulse XXL 8/8R
Raleigh Leeds Impulse 9 HS
Riese & Müller Homage dualdrive HS
Riese & Müller Load touring HS
Riese & Müller Tinker touring HS
Stromer ST1 S
Stromer ST2 S
Trenga SLE 8.0 STePS
trioBike cargo E
Urban Arrow Family CX-500
Utopia KRANICH Pedelec
Utopia Kranich Pedelec mit WEBER KARGO Utopia Edition
Winora Y280.X
YouMo One C
YouMo One X500
Free print edition 
As part of the LEV Components Special Exhibitions, free copies of the ExtraEnergy Magazine are available for you to take away free of charge.
The Special Exhibition is dedicated to the presentation worldwide of technologies and products around Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs). Participating exhibitors provide information about their product offerings and special features in three languages (English, German and Chinese) on custom-made posters. Samples of products alongside each poster permit a first-hand interactive product experience.
We look forward to meeting you!
Text: Angela Budde
Translation: Peter Eland
Picture: Moritz Grünke (
25 November 2016
Last update: 1 March 2017



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