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ExtraEnergy: 2018 Review

Hannes Neupert (Chairman, ExtraEnergy and Executive Director, EnergyBus e.V.) on trade shows, conferences, workshops, pedelec test tracks staged worldwide, test publications, a petition, standardisation, more pedelecs for your money and the pedelec as a secret weapon to reduce CO2 emissions.

"For ExtraEnergy, 2018 was year absolutely packed with a huge range of activities. Events, tests, conferences, launching a petition and producing numerous publications", said Hannes Neupert (Chairman,
ExtraEnergy and Executive Director, EnergyBus e.V.) as he reviewed the year.

These were the particular highlights of the year:

Events, conferences, workshops
ExtraEnergy provided supporting events on the subject of pedelecs at trade shows in Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechia, the UK, China and Taiwan. ExtraEnergy was also engaged in delivering content at conferences in the USA, Japan, China, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland, either chairing discussions on pedelecs or facilitating workshops on the subject.

>> COP24

Pedelec test tracks across Europe
The various trade shows were a lively mix of trade and end user events, as well as gatherings with particular theme focuses.

We were also delighted to provide many test track set-ups for Bosch, for their internal staff incentives, and also at conferences.

Furthermore, with Bafang as the Test Track Sponsor, we provided test tracks for several German consumer events, including Fahrrad Essen, Velo Berlin and Fahrrad Reise & Camping in Leipzig, and also for trade shows in the rest of Europe, including cycle shows in Prague (CZ), Kielce (PL) and Birmingham (UK).

>> Fahrrad Essen 2018

>> Velo Berlin 2018

>> Touristik & Caravaning 2018

>> For Bikes 2018

>> The Cycle Show - NEC Birmingham

Test publications
There were a wide range of test publications: under contract to the ANWB, the rough equivalent in the Netherlands to the German ADAC or the RAC in the UK, ExtraEnergy tested 20 pedelecs for publication in its member magazine, Kampioen, which has a circulation of over 4 million copies.

In addition we worked with BIKE BILD magazine to produce a pedelec test for each of the 6 editions which were published in 2018, based on the fleet of bikes tested in the ExtraEnergy tests of 2017.

In October 2018 we also carried out tests for publication in the next 6 editions of BIKE BILD in 2019.

Norwegian was added to the list of languages in which ExtraEnergy´s pedelec tests are published, thanks to the Norwegian Electromobility Association.

>> Norsk elbilforening

On the preview day at EUROBIKE, ExtraEnergy launched a petition with a message that remains extremely urgent. The object is to modernise the vehicle definitions adopted 50 years ago by the United Nations, so that they properly include pedelecs.

As long as this is not done, we are riding on thin ice with our pedelecs... because they are in fact motor vehicles, according to the existing United Nations definition!

>> The pedelec: a vehicle that doesn´t actually exist

Please click here to find out more, and to sign the petition:

>> Petition: Pedelecs/e-bikes should be defined as bicycles!

Also making heavy demands on our time in 2018 was our engagement in standardisation: in 2018 there were around 30 meetings, not just across Europe but also in Japan and the USA. These were at various levels in the committees of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), the ISO (International Standards Organisation) and also at the European level at CEN/Cenelec and in Germany at DKE and DIN.

We are sure that 2019 will bring many further challenges on the long road towards pedelec standards which are harmonised worldwide, and which can enable pedelecs to be ever more sustainable and ever more popular.

New production technologies: more pedelec for your money
The VDI conference session on Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), was once again co-organised by ExtraEnergy as a specialist partner, and the discussion was chaired by Hannes Neupert. It attracted an audience made up from a who´s who of German automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

We can expect many new developments in this sector in coming years, which will take pedelec technology significantly forward, to even better meet the wishes of customers and also to apply new production technologies which will make it possible to get more pedelec for your money.

World Climate Conference
Hannes Neupert was probably the only representative of the pedelec movement at the World Climate Conference COP24 in Katowice in Poland on the 12th and 13th December 2018, and he gave a presentation on light electric vehicles.

This took place under the framework of the activities of the International Energy Agency, in particular IEA TCP Task 23, which involves the creation of a worldwide unified pedelec parking and charging interface, so as to further accelerate take-up and growth of the sector.

Hannes Neupert took place as a Morocco delegate - because Morocco was hosting the workshop where the subject of light electric vehicles was covered.

The pedelec as a secret weapon to reduce CO2 emissions, especially when it replaces an SUV ... it´s efficiency is almost unbeatable!

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Text: Hannes Neupert
Photo: Michael Burger

Online Publication: Angela Budde

17th January 2019



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