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Enjoy an interactive experience, with direct hands-on experience of Bafang MAX Drive Systems, Bafang Front Drive Systems and Bafang BBS Mid Drive Systems/BBS 01. Bafang is touring with the LEV Components Special Exhibition worldwide.

Bafang MAX Drive System

  • Compatible with lots of frame designs
  • Generous ground clearance ensures safety regardless of terrain
  • Ergonomic design ensures optimum system safety, comfort and aesthetics
  • Smooth and gentle riding experience
  • Extremely silent system operation despite generous power output and a maximum torque of more than 80 Nm
  • Easier disassembly and improved service responsiveness due to modular motor design and integrated controller
  • One torque sensor and two speed sensors ensure precise control of the vehicle while achieving the highest possible efficiency
  • Battery packs with latest battery management system and a comprehensive memory function, ensuring real-time battery protection
  • HMI senses light intensity and switches on/off the front and rear lights as required to optimize rider safety
For further information, please read:

>> Bafang MAX Drive

Bafang Front Drive System
  • Easily to install and remove
  • Compatible with various city and mountain bikes
  • Super silent compared to other hub motors
  • Display functions: multiple assist modes settings, speed settings, riding distance settings, riding time settings, walk assistance settings, backlight settings and error warning (error codes)
  • Torque sensor integrated in bottom bracket; collects both speed information and torque information by means of non-contact induction
  • Controller parameters can be customized based on different requirements of the European and North American market
Bafang BBS Mid Drive System/BBS 01
  • Perfect combination of motor and controller
  • Super output torque (60-100 Nm)
  • Mid-driven system guarantees best harmony between man and machine

Mr. Sunny He



Text and picture: Manufacturer´s data

Online Publication: Angela Budde

22 February 2017



27th February to 1st March 2020, Essen, Germany, Fahrrad Essen

20th to 22nd March 2020, Praha, Czech Republic, FOR BIKES CZ

18th to 19th April 2020, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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