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The World's largest LEV Exhibition keeps growing

ExtraEnergy presents a unique collection of historical and current pedelecs, e-bikes, scooters, solar vehicles and components at their LEV Test and Exhibition Center in Tanna, Germany.

The ExtraEnergy collection of light electric vehicles now counts more than 400 units including earliest generation e-bikes and pedelecs as well as the latest products that have just been introduced to the market. More than 100 bikes and scooters that have been tested by ExtraEnergy since 1992 are also part of this permanent exhibition. The LEV Test and Exhibition Center is located at the ExtraEnergy headquarter in Tanna, Germany.

Prototypes that have never been manufactured are also part of this unique collection. One of them is, for example, the first Classic Bike that has been developed by the Berlin-based design team Craftsmen and later served as archetype for the Classic Bike series of the German bike development company Hawk.

Alongside with batteries, motors, controllers and other components, ExtraEnergy presents the BatteryTest which is currently conducted in cooperation with Deutsche Post AG. Also, different solar vehicles deserve the visitors' attention. Some of these solar constructions are a former hobby of Mr. Neupert. Some are enthusiast projects of his professor at the University of Art in Halle, Germany, Mr. Scharnowski. Other unique exhibits are Michael Kutter's early Velocity models (now Swizzbee/Currie) that participated in numerous solar and e-races in Japan, Australia, and other countries. As a special highlight, one of the walls is decorated by the remainders of the very first solar airship. Although the “mini zeppelin” crashed on it's record-breaking flight during World Solar Challenge 1993 in Australia, this historical unicum was the ancestor of the later CargoLifter airship.

Talking about records – the fuel cell vehicle HYSUN3000 crowns the ExtraEnergy collection whenever it is not at other exhibitions or award ceremonies. In 2004, HYSUN3000 broke a world record when it rode 3000 kilometers from Berlin to Barcelona using no more than 3.3 kg of hydrogen. More …

To learn more about the light electric vehicle industry, the Test and Exhibition Center in Tanna is the place to go. Please make arrangements for a visit with Hannes Neupert.

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Last updated: November 5, 2007



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