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New Standard for safe Batteries

BATSO is a test seal to show the safety level of a battery which has been tested according to the standards of BATSO organization.

BATSO is a trade marked abriviation of BAttery-Safety-Organization. It is a cooperation project between ExtraEnergy and ITRI rather than a formally independant organization.

The creation of BATSO as a project and trade mark is the result of working on a fast and economic way of testing LEV batteries for many years.

Today there are two laboratories where batteries are tested according to the BATSO safety standards. One lab is located in Karlstein/Frankfurt in Germany, the other one in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
More about the test lab in Hsinchu

Using and promoting BATSO battery safety standard, ExtraEnergy and ITRI persue two major goals:
Provide LEV manufacturers with a cost and time effective method to check the specifications given by the battery manufacturer
Provide consumers with reliable information on the safety of their LEV battery.

Further Information

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March 21, 2007, Hsinchu, Taiwan
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November 15, 2005, Karlstein/Frankfurt, Germany
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