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Structural changes at ExtraEnergy e.V.

ExtraEnergy is moving to Schleiz. Schleiz, Germany, to become the centre of the Light Electric Vehicle industry. more...


Team growth at ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG

Since February 2014, Isabel Wolf is working as exhibition manager of the ExtraEnergy Services GmbH & Co. KG. Isabel Wolf is the direct contact person for LEV manufacturers worldwide. more...


Change of leadership at ExtraEnergy Test GmbH

Sandra Winkler is the new Managing Director of ExtraEnergy Test GmbH. Its measurement technology and methodology remain unique, and the results are as independent as ever. Sandra Winkler has already served with ExtraEnergy since June 2012 as the contact point for pedelec and e-bike manufacturers and dealers. more...


ExtraEnergy e.V. General Meeting in Kirchheim-Teck

On 14 July, the annual general meeting of ExtraEnergy took place in Kirchheim-Teck. more...


BATSO gets Formal legal Structure

What used to be an informal cooperation between a few visionaries turned into a formal organization on 7 April in Cologne, when BATSO e.V. was formally established as an association with the long-term goal of getting the IEC to endorse BATSO 01 as the industry standard for battery safety. The formation of BATSO e.V. was an important step on the way towards this goal. more...


Send your E-vehicle on the Test IT Show

Since 1997 people all over the world have been introduced to the joy of riding e-vehicles on ExtraEnergy's Test IT Track. Why don't you send your e-vehicles on the Test IT Track Tour this year - and let the experts promote your products for you? more...


Test-riding Pedelecs and E-bike most persuasive

Test-riding is the best way to sell consumers on pedelecs and e-bikes. Since 1997 ExtraEnergy has convinced thousands of people on its so-called Test IT Tracks. Today manufacturers, the European Union (EU) and event organizers also believe in the power of test rides - as partners in the ExtraEnergy Test IT Show. more...


Donate to ExtraEnergy

Since more and more people have asked how they could support the work of ExtraEnergy, the non-profit organization would like to refer to the possibility of a donation. Donations help to actively grow the use of light electric vehicles and indirectly improve the living conditions of many people around the globe. more...


ExtraEnergy has a new Logo

ExtraEnergy polished its image for the Spring 2009 Test. Since Eurobike 2009, the new, modern logo has replaced the long-established sun logo for almost all ExtraEnergy projects.


Promising Future for Building with a Past

Anyone interested in the unique building of the former school in Tanna, could join a guided tour of the "Alte Schule" on 3 May. The vacant building has been a talking point in the local community, ever since Hannes Neupert suggested it should be renovated and used as a museum and training center for small electric vehicles. more...



2 - 3 May 2014
Munich, Germany
Münchner Radl-Aktionstage, Test IT Show

24 May 2014, Tanna, Germany
Open day at ExtraEnergy e.V.

5 - 7 September 2014, Großenhain, Germany
Test IT Show

2 October 2014
Cologne, Germany
E-Bike Award

3 October 2014
Cologne, Germany
LEV Conference

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