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f-cell Award: HYSUN3000 among the Winners

The fuel cell vehicle HYSUN3000 was awarded with the special price of the International “f-cell” Award 2005 in Stuttgart, Germany for it's world record ride.

The “f-cell” Award Ceremony was held in the New Caslte in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 26, 2005. For the fifth time, Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corp. (Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH), the Ministry of the Environment of the German Federal State Baden Württemberg, and DaimlerChrysler AG awarded a total of 30,000 Euros for innovative fuel-cell developments in transportation, portable, and stationary applications. In the mobility sector, the Hydrogen vehicle HYSUN3000 won a special acknowledgement for its contribution to the publicity of fuel cells by its world record ride from Berlin to Barcelona last year. The major awards of the European-wide contest went to Sulzer Hexis AG in Switzerland, Pemeas GmbH and Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

f-cell Award Gold for Sulzer Hexis AG
The Gold f-cell Award with 12,500 Euros prize money went to the Swiss company Sulzer Hexis AG for their fuel cell heater Galileo. It operates with natural gas and has been tested in 110 houses and commercial institutions. With the help of a high temperature fuel cell, Galileo produces enough heat to warm up a one-family house and supply it with hot water and part of the required electricity.

f-cell Award Silver for Pemeas GmbH
The German company Pemeas GmbH won the Silver f-cell Award (7,500 Euros) for the first and only high temperature membrane electrode unit (MEA) that works in an environment of up to 200°C and is commercially available.

f-cell Award Bronze for Fraunhofer Institut
The Bronze f-cell Award and 5,000 Euros prize money went to the Fraunhofer Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Micro Integration) in Berlin to award the development of the first micro fuel cell for the application in mobile communication devices. This fuel cell is only a few cubic centimeters in size and has a higher energy density than batteries.

HYSUN3000 wins f-cell Special Award
Two additional awards of 2,500 Euros each were devoted to the acknowledgement of two projects that significantly contributed to the publicity of fuel cells. One was the hydrogen car HYSUN3000 which was sent on a spectacular world record tour by the ExtraEnergy e.V. last year. On only 3.3 kg of hydrogen which equals 12 liters of gasoline, the HYSUN team rode 3000 kilometers from Berlin to Barcelona. About 30 people, mostly engineers worked on this project on a voluntary basis and more than 30 sponsors and partners were involved. PR Prepresentative of the HYSUN team, Dr. Joerg Schweigard, announced that the prize money will be invested into the next project––a hydrogen airplane. On a flight around Europe the goal is to set a new world record in low energy consumption.

Special Award for fuel cell boat
The engineers’ office for innovative propulsion systems (Ingenieurbüro für innovative Antriebe) in Hamburg, Germany, has proven that fuel cell technology has come very close to practical applications ready for the market. To build a small fuel cell boat they only used parts and components that are available on the market. The heart of the drive unit is a Nexa fuel cell by Ballard from Kirchheim/Teck, Germany.

Extensive Programm at f-cell Congress
The f-cell award was part of the International f-cell Forum which took place in Stuttgart, Germany, on September 26-28, 2005. This annual congress and trade show has become one of the leading fuel cell events in Europe. At this year's f-cell Congress, more than 60 speakers from science and economy reported on the latest developments in stationary, mobile and portable applications of fuel cells. Also part of the event was a practical workshops for engineers and craftsmen on how to integrate fuel cells into the electricity circuit of buildings. In a seminar for teachers, the operation principle of different fuel cells was explained. Also on the agenda was a tour to different locations with varied applications of fuel cells. In the workshop “Canada meets Germany”, Canadian companies in the fuel cell industry presented their products and extend their contacts and cooperation with German companies.

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