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Chinese Bicycle Delegation in Europe

High-ranking representatives of the Chinese bicycle and electric bicycle industry visited Europe for a 10-day research trip in June 2008. During meetings one above all things became obvious: Europeans and Chinese have different perceptions of what quality means.

Nine representatives of the Chinese bicycle and electric bicycle industry traveled to Europe to learn about regular and electric bike regulations, and what tests Europeans use to make sure that the standards are being followed. They had a lot of opportunity to make new contacts and learn what Europeans expect from Chinese bicycles. The trip was initiated by Mr. Yu Shi Guang, Director of the China Bicycle Information Center in Shanghai. The Information Center has an influential position between the Chinese government and the industry and communicates in both directions. The center also conducts product tests and intends to cooperate with BATSO to ensure the safety of lithium batteries that are exported and used in the domestic market.

To begin with, the Chinese group visited the Cities for Mobility Conference in Stuttgart, Germany. Here, they shook hands with leading representatives of the worldwide network of cities that are working together on future mobility solutions. On June 2nd they witnessed the public presentation of one of the most ambitious pedelec project in Europe: Stuttgart wants to set up a rental and leasing scheme for pedelecs togehter with public battery changing machines and showed the concept and first design models.

The next stop was Cologne, where the Chinese visited TUV and the testing laboratory for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing of electronic devices. The trip continued to Brussels, where Green Week was held at the same time. Here, a meeting was held with the leaders of ETRA (European Twowheel Retailers’ Association) and EDF (European Cyclist Federation). Topics included the European legislation for electric bikes and scooters, international standards, market development and the expectation of European retailers and customers towards bikes imported from China. During the discussion, one above all things became obvious: Europeans and Chinese have a differents ideas of what “quality” means. Europeans need to give their Chinese manufacturers very precise specifications and parameters. Only this way they will get what they require. Just the phrase “give me better quality (and at a lower price)” leaves the Chinese puzzled. “You need to tell them exactly what you want” said Mr. Chen Ding Wu who owns an electric bike business in Shanghai. Both sides, the European brand, dealers, customers and the Chinese manufacturers will benefit from a better communications. The Chinese representatives who sat at the round table in Brussels emphasized their intention to work together and help both sides understand better and communicate more effectively.

A short trip to the European metropolis of bicycles – Amsterdam – and to Scandinavia led them back to Germany where the group visited the ExtraEnergy headquarter in Tanna. A guided tour through the LEV Museum and learning center was followed by a meeting with Hannes Neupert to discuss BATSO and EnergyBus cooperation and commonly organized conferences.

The tour was organized by IBS Jiarui International Business Service in Stuttgart (Kontakt: Hang Li, Tel. +49-711-6868258, in cooperation with Susanne Bruesch (SB Communications / ExtraEnergy) who was responsible fort he business part of the trip.

June 25, 2008



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