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Shanghai 2008 Battery Conference

During Shanghai Cycle Show, on April 27, 2008 a conference was held on lithium batteries for the electric bike market. Is lithium the future in China as well? Lectures are available for download here.

The “International Seminar of Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Applied to Electric Bikes” was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on April 27, 2008. At the same location Shanghai Cycle Show took place from April 25 - 28, 2008.

The lithium battery conference was organized by the National Bicycle Industrial Information Center, an institution, which in its function, is situated between the government and the bicycle industry. Representatives of the Chinese bicycle industry were invited to give a speech as well as speakers from overseas.

To begin with, industry correspondent and author of this article, Susanne Bruesch, provided an overview of the world market and went into further details on the European market and its requirements for electric bikes.

Ed Benjamin, who has been working in the LEV industry for many years in different positions, explained the difficulties and chances of international cooperation on a practical example. As a cooperation partner, Lithium-Ion battery manufacturer Phylion gave a brief introduction to their company.

Dr. Mo-Hua Yang from ITRI in Taiwan looked at the technical development of Lithium-Ion batteries and explained the advantages of the industry standards EnergyBus for connecting electrical components and BATSO to ensure safe batteries.

Hannes Neupert of ExtraEnergy showed scary pictures of lithium battery fires on an UPS cargo airplane, in a garage, and in the ExtraEnergy testing laboratory. He demonstrated that the lack of safety can endanger the success of the entire lithium-battery and light electric vehicle business. He urged especially the Chinese battery manufacturers to carefully test batteries and introduced BATSO as a safety standard.

Two Chinese presentations went into detail of battery technology, battery safety and the characteristics of e-bikes using lithium batteries.

Will China switch to Lithium?
In Europe, lithium batteries have reached a 50% share in the electric bikes market when including the new models for the 2008 season. About the same is true for Japan and the US also uses more and more lithium batteries. The tenor of the conference was, that lithium batteries will definitely be the dominating energy source for LEVs in the future––also in China. Although lead batteries are still king in the domestic market, consumers learn about the advantages of lithium batteries. So far, the price is too high. But with increasing quantities and raw material cost rising higher for other battery chemistries – not so that much for lithium – experts expect that the price of lithium batteries will come down to even half of today’s price.

Conference Agenda (PDF 65KB)

Lectures for Download

Susanne Bruesch, Germany
World Market Overview and European Market
(PDF 9.6MB, English-Chinese)

Ed Benjamin, USA and Xiao Bin, China
Lessons Learned About USA / China Enterprises
Cooperation on Lithium E-Bikes

(PPT 8.8 MB, English-Chinese)

Hannes Neupert, Germany
The importance of the Selection of Li-ion
Batteries for Vehicle Manufacturer‘s  View

(PDF 23.4MB, English-Chinese)

Dr. Mo-Hua Yang, Taiwan
Practice View of Technological Development of Li-Ion Batteries
(PDF 18MB, English - Chinese)

Last updated: May 5, 2008



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