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Canceled: TAITRA TAIPEI CYCLE+ & TaiSPO+ Exhibitions

Due to the coronavirus, this year´s Taipei Cycle Show won´t take place from 14th to 16th May 2020. Book your Check-IN booth 2021 today.

The TAIPEI CYCLE show and TaiSPO, hosted by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, was originally scheduled to be held from March 4th to 7th.

These 2 globally significant shows together, would normally attract over 5000 booths representing industry exhibitors from around the globe.

Due to the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), there have been significant developments in the number of travel and logistical restrictions; bringing into question the practicality this year’s planned dates.

The resulting restrictions have left many exhibitors unable to travel to, or ship exhibition stands and sample goods to show as travel and freight restrictions start to be put in place.

This has led the organisers to make the difficult decision to re-schedule the March 2020 edition of the event.

In these uncertain times, TAITRA stands together with Taiwanese industry and government to stabilize global confidence in Taiwan as the benchmark for sourcing quality and innovation.

TAITRA will continue to organise several economic and trade development activities.

Subject to the further development of the outbreak:
In 2020, upon the request of those who need this platform to explore business opportunities, TAITRA won´t hold the TAIPEI CYCLE+ & TaiSPO+ exhibitions in 2020.

For latest details, please visit 

Book your Check-IN booth for 2021 today 

ExtraEnergy provides at Taipei Cycle Show 2021:

1. A CHECK-IN booth at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Track in Hall 2:

  • 2,500 euro if you are already an exhibitor;
  • 3,000 euro if you are not already an exhibitor at the show
The Check-IN booth includes:
  • Indoor Test IT Track: 3,750 sqm
  • In good weather conditions: outdoor test track with 10% slope
  • 9 sqm presentation space
  • Lighting wall
  • Advertising print optional
  • Table
  • Stool
  • Carpet
  • Booth construction
2. Participation at the ExtraEnergy LEV Components Special Exhibition: 2,000 euro
  • Test IT Track for Sponsors
The LEV Components Special Exhibition includes:
  • Presentation LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) Component like battery pack, motor or display: 2,000 euro
+ Presentation company portrait:
  • 120 x 90 cm: + 600 euro
  • 120 x 270 cm: + 1,200 euro 
 The Test IT Track for Sponsors includes:
  • to act there exclusively or only partially as a sponsor
Test IT Track Layout
Please find impressions of the Test IT Track layout planning at Taipei Cycle Show here: 

>> ExtraEnergy Test IT Track layout planning (flickr) 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via:  


You can download the permanently updated booking form including all ExtraEnergy Services 2020/21 here: 

>> Booking Form ExtraEnergy Services (PDF)

Copy:, Angela Budde

Translation: Angela Budde


11th February 2020

Latest update: 20th March 2020



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