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E-Bike Convention 2019

21st June 2019, E-Bike Convention, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Alps, Austria. Topic: Safety and security technologies for pedelecs and riders. Convention language: English. A convention of a different kind.


Experience a convention of a different kind while sitting on the back of a pedelec and listening to the expert speakers. In the lectures, everything revolves around the future of electric bikes. We talk about the safety and security technologies for pedelec and e-bike riders.
The whole convention will be in English.
The international E-Bike Convention is presented by
Safety and security technologies for pedelecs and riders Safety, Velomobiles, Mobility and Cargo-Solutions
Opening: Goodbye mechanical bicycle! Hannes Neupert, President ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director EnergyBus e.V.
Market demand:
E-bike in tourism – The big value for the industry. Max Salcher / Tourism Association Kitzbüheler Alpen – Brixental
Active mobility - The key for a safe, sustainable and healthy mobility. Manfred Neun / Fusion Mobility
Child mobility - Fun and safety for a sustainable active and self-defined mobility. Alex Thusbass / Dealer Center Digital GmbH
Technology Update:
Electrical safety and battery safety by design - thanks to international standards. Eduard Stolz / OPI 2020
Battery safety today and tomorrow - What can we expect from the material science side to improve safety and capability. Mo-Hua Yang / President EnergyBus
High reliable structures thanks to new manufacturing processes Andreas Papenfuss / Papenfuss Development
Velomobiles, Mobility and Cargo-Solutions:
Panel on velomobiles and cargo solutions moderated by Hans Tholstrup (Australia)
Each participant provides a short presentation on his subject - the session will be closed with a panel discussion afterwards with all participants:
Basava Dilip / Tata Steel (India) Ossian Vogel / Urban Drivestyle (Germany) Per Hassel Sörensen / Podbike (Norway) Namit Jain / ZEN Mobility (India) Jeff Chang / Mando (Korea) Philipp Douglas / CIP (Switzerland) Jürgen Osterlaenger / Schaeffler (Deutschland)‌
At a single glance
What: E-Bike Convention
Topic: Safety and security technologies for pedelecs and riders
When: 21st June 2019
Start: 8 a.m.
End: 5 p.m.
What: Evening Event
Start: 6.30 p.m.
End: open
Where: Alpenrosensaal, Sennereiweg 2, 6363 Westendorf, Austria
Convention language: English

Further information and registration at:


Pictue: E-Bike Festival Kitzbüheler Alpen - Brixental
Online publication: Angela Budde

10th October 2018
Last update: 10th April 2019



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