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Panel of experts on customer wishes for pedelecs

On the 11th and 12th March 2017, ExtraEnergy invites interested parties to express their opinions on pedelecs and e-bikes in the Landhotel Villa am Gutshof in Mühltroff, Germany.

The electric bicycle market is in a state of continual change. New technical developments spark new requirements, and accordingly the changing nature of customer wishes for pedelecs and e-bikes need to be regularly updated. To do this, ExtraEnergy has invited the cycle industry, consisting of cycle dealers, cycle and component manufacturers, the cycling media, test labs and consumer representatives (e.g. organisations for the elderly, cycle organisations), to participate.

As a panel of experts, they will discuss with us the target group models, and will update the weightings of customer wishes specific to each target group. Particular topics for discussion are frame sizes for youth pedelecs, the minimum number of test bikes needed for a special test to be carried out, the maximum weight for folding pedelecs, and QFD (Quality Function Deployment) methodology.

To kick off, Dr. Dipl.-Phys. Frieder Herb (Concepts and Strategy, ExtraEnergy Test) will explain the test methodology. Following that, Hannes Neupert (Chairman, ExtraEnergy e.V./Executive Director, EnergyBus e.V.) will tell the panel about the current test and about our test partners.

At the end of the meeting, we expect a discussion on the need for additional target groups. This will lay the groundwork for discussions as to which target groups need to be precisely defined by the panel of experts in future meetings.

Participation is limited to 30 people. The panel of experts meeting will be conducted in German. Closing date for registration is the 3rd March 2017. The meeting starts on the 11th March at 10:00 in the Landhotel Villa am Gutshof in Mühltroff.

Test award logos and the QFD methodology
With its test procedures under continuous development since 1992, ExtraEnergy e.V. has gained a strong reputation with consumers and industry alike as an independent testing organisation. Its results serve end users as a reliable guide to the offerings available on the market, and for the industry it functions not least as a regulator and driver of innovation. This makes the ExtraEnergy test award logos a visible mark of quality.

The categories and product groups within which the pedelecs or e-bikes are evaluated represent various areas of application and customer requirements. These product groups arise from analysis and subsequent weighting of customer wishes, a methodology which is unique in the industry. Regular meetings of the panel of experts are called for the analysis and weighting of customer wishes using QFD methods.

Please click the following link to register:

>> Registration form panel of experts 2017

Should you have further questions or any remarks please dont't hesitate to get in touch with Angela Budde:


At a glance:
What: ExtraEnergy Panel of Experts
Start: 11th March 2017, 10 AM
End: 12th March 2017, 4 PM
Where: Landhotel Villa am Gutshof in Mühltroff, Germany

Closing date for registration: 3rd March 2017


Copy: Hannes Neupert, Frieder Herb, Angela Budde
Translation: Peter Eland
Picture: Angela Budde

1 March 2017



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