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CANopen and EnergyBus seminar

On 6 and 7 May 2014, EnergyBus Partner emtas GmbH offers a CANopen and EnergyBus at the company´s headquarer in Merseburg.

To meet the rising demand for information on CANopen and EnergyBus we are offering seminars on these issues. At the beginning of April a seminar for CANopen and one for EnergyBus, the open standard for light electic vehicles will take place. There we will introduce our participants into the basics of both technologies in one day each. The seminars are given in German language.

6 May 2015 – CANopen
The seminar will be given in German language and will give an insight into the functioning of the CAN based higher level protocol CANopen. It is designed for development engineers as well as for decision makers who want to get an overview over CANopen.

Basic knowledge of CAN is recommended.

The agenda is available here (in German language only):


7 May 2014 – EnergyBus
EnergyBus is the open standard for Light electric vehicles (LEVs) like pedelecs and e-bikes. In this seminar, emtas GmbH will present the motivation for EnergyBus and it’s market penetration. The main part of the seminars focuses on technical characteristics of this CANopen based protocol. Especially the requirements for implementations of EnergyBus components into pedelecs will be presented.

Basic knowledge of CANopen is recommended and can be achieved with the CANopen seminar the day before. A short summary will be given in the first hour of the course.

The agenda of the EnergyBus seminar is available here (in German language only):


Location and time
The location of the CANopen seminar is at emtas GmbH, Fritz-Haber-Straße 9, in  Merseburg, Germany.

The EnergyBus-Seminar on 7 May 2014 will take place in the "Hotel Best Western", Christianenstraße 25 in Merseburg, Germany.

Start: 9.00 a.m., end: 5 p.m.

How to register
Contact for registration and further information:

Tel. 0049-3461 /79416-0



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9 March 2014

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