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International standardization of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs)

Lecture by Hannes Neupert (Extra Energy / EnergyBus) on 26 March 2014 in Aschaffenburg.

On 26 March 2014, Hannes Neupert (Extra Energy / EnergyBus) informed within the 7th Developer Forum Battery Technologies in Aschaffenburg on the latest developments in international standardization of light electric vehicles (LEVs).

"The E-Mobility Sessions were very well attended", informed Thomas Reising of the organizing company BMZ GmbH. "For the first year, we are very satisfied."

Lecture of Hannes Neupert on standardization
Since 2014, Hannes Neupert (ExtraEnergy/EnergyBus) represents the German committee DKE/GAK 353.0. as well as the EnergyBus organization in the shared committee of IEC/ISO/TC69/JPT61851-3.

An IEC/ISO prestandard based on CANopen 454/EnergyBus is expected to be published in summer 2014.

Download the lecture of Hannes Neupert here:

>> International standardization of LEVs (PDF)

At the same time, a shared exhibition stand of the organizations ExtraEnergy and EnergyBus will inform on their topics at the exhibition in the town hall of Aschaffenburg. Visitors got information about current EnergyBus compatible products.

>> program

Combining interfaces safely
EnergyBus is an open standard for integration of communication between electric components of light electric vehicles (LEVs) based on DC and further energy management systems.

The objective is safe energy management with standardised interfaces.

With the CiA 454 CANopen Application Profile/EnergyBus Protocol, only compatible systems can become active. This means safety for the end user and also for dealers and system manufacturers.

With EnergyBus a single error code readout becomes possible, similar to the system used on cars (there known as the OBD interface).

Standardisation simplifies both maintenance and repair for cycle dealers. This is in the interests of both customers and dealers.

Further information in the article:

>> EnergyBus – from first draft to CiA 454

Information on EnergyBus and compliant products are published in the following brochure:


At a single glance
Date: 26 March 2014
Time: 3.20 - 13.40
Room: Conference room 2 (Session E-Mobility)
Event: 7. Developer Forum Accumulator Technologies

Adress: Kongress- und Touristikbetriebe, Stadthalle Aschaffenburg, Schlossplatz 1, 63739 Aschaffenburg

Fee: 350 €/1 day, 650 €/2 days, 825 € / 3 days

Copy and translation: Angela Budde
Picture: BMZ GmbH

4 February 2014

Updated 29 April 2014



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