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ISPO BIKE To Feature New Pedelec And E-Bike Race “Pedals of Power”

Emotions, dynamics and all-round capabilities – all elements of the new ISPO Pedelec and E-bike race “Pedals of Power” to be held at ISPO BIKE in Munich. On Saturday, July 27th, 2013, the atrium of the (...)

(...) Messe München exhibit center will be transformed into a track on which visitors, spectators and bike industry representatives will compete in three different race categories.

e25, e45 and eSuper – these are the new race classes which ISPO BIKE participants can sign up for. The Pedelec category e25 targets trade show visitors in particular. Category e45 is slated for pedelecs 45, the eSuper class as an open category for the fastest among the pedelecs and e-bikes. The last two categories are meant for experienced, knowledgeable riders, such as the manufacturers’ product managers.

The e25 class race is an elimination race, meaning that in each round the last placing rider is eliminated. The other two classes run according to the FourCross rule, advancing the two best riders from each round. David Badalec, ISPO BIKE Exhibition Director, sums up the goal of the event: “We offer our visitors a straightforward event they can participate in, to gain a first-hand experience with pedelecs and e-bikes in a different environment and have fun at the same time. In addition, the event further emphasizes the position of ISPO BIKE as the platform for e-mobility and urban biking.”

The venue for “Pedals of Power” is a close to 400-meter-long circular track in the atrium of the exhibit center, complete with curves, bumps and other small obstacles. Start and finish are located near the pit lane – close to the glass façade of the East Entrance, which is highly visible and easily accessible for all visitors. The planning and organization of the event is managed by Bike Projects on behalf of ISPO BIKE. Bike Projects has become known within the last few years thanks to the organization of events like the Mountainbike Enduro “Trail Trophy”.

Further information on ISPO BIKE at:

>> www.ispo.com/bike

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Manufacturers can now book their CHECK IN booth with direct access to the Test Track, further information at:

>> ISPO BIKE - CHECK IN until 24 May 2013

Copy: Maud von Hoff
Online release and picture: Angela Budde

22 April 2013



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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